{Pulling off the Athleisure Trend for Summer w/Cotton & Zappos}

DTKAustin shares how to pull off the athleisure trend for Spring & Summer w/Zappos and Cotton. Hoodie by Volcom, Tote by Gigi New York, Shorts from Target. - Athleisure Trend for Summer w/Cotton & Zappos by popular Austin style blogger Dressed to Kill

This athleisure trend post is sponsored by Zappos.

Let’s talk about one of the hottest new trends that has finally been validated by the fashion industry after years and years. Athleisure-wear. For years, everyone from college students to housewives and practically everyone who lives in Austin is well aware of athleisure-wear. And I mean WELL AWARE. What was just seemingly being lazy and not wanting to actually get dressed, its surprising this athleisure trend has really caught on. Years ago I would never be caught dead wearing work-out clothes outside of my house or the gym. I hate to even admit, I probably wear casual clothing 99% of the time now. Austin is such a casual city that you almost everywhere you go you’re inundated with women in their casual-wear.

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{SALE ALERT – Laundry by Shelli Segal Removable Tuxedo Cape/Vest}

DTKAustin is sharing a major sale alert on the Laundry by Shelli Segal site. This black tuxedo cape and lace cami are both on sale. - Shelli Segal Removable Tuxedo Cap by popular Austin style blogger Dressed to Kill

This tuxedo cape post has been such a long time coming! I don’t know what has happened to me and my time management skills lately but I have majorly dropped the ball on this one. I shot these photos before the end of 2017 and I am JUST now getting around to posting this gorgeous tuxedo cape and lace top by Laundry by Shelli Segal. Better late than never, right? Guess what?? They are BOTH currently on sale!

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{Find the Best Fitting Bra for Your Body Type with Kohl’s}

DTKAustin shares her tips and tricks on finding the perfect fitting bra for your body type with Kohl's. - Find the Best Fitting Bra for Your Body Type by popular Austin style blogger Dressed to Kill

This best fitting bra post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included intimates as compensation.

I don’t know about y’all but one of the main things I struggle with is finding the best fitting bra or bralette that is comfortable to wear ALL day long. This seems to be an ongoing issue from women all over the world. We keep seeing commercials on finding your perfect fit or even the release of half cup sizes! Well, search no more. I found some great pieces for you guys and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. Now, I know some of y’all like to wear your normal, day-to-day bra, but the ones I always find myself going back to are bralettes; they are stretchy, soft, and of course comfortable.

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{Finding the Perfect Pair of White Denim}

DTKAustin shares details on how to find the best pair of white denim. Madewell white skinny jeans from Nordstrom at an affordable price. - Finding the Perfect Pair of White Denim by popular Austin fashion blogger Dressed to Kill

I don’t know about y’all but finding the perfect pair of white denim has been a multiple years long struggle. I’m not even joking. I have NEVER owned a pair of white denim jeans in my entire life. Why? Because I have never been able to find a pair that didn’t either make me look like a fat cow (I know, how stupid of me), weren’t completely see through (you know the ones that literally show your cellulite through the pants) or a pair that didn’t have a ton of whiskering through the front making them look like they are way too small to be wearing. Anyone else have any pet peeves about white denim? Oh, the fact that if I wear anything white for longer than 5 minutes it’s going in the trash because I completely ruin it with anything and everything I come into contact with!

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{Spring and Summer Dresses for Every Budget}

DTKAustin is sharing her favorite Spring transitional dresses from Nordstrom for all budgets. - Spring and Summer Dresses by popular Austin fashion blogger Dressed to Kill

Who else is overjoyed that warmer weather is quickly approaching? Temps have already hit 80 in Austin which means it’s time to break out my spring and summer dresses! This is always one of my favorite times of the year. It is when retailers start debuting their new Spring designs that just gets you right in the mood for wearing less clothing! Everyone is so eager for any sign of warmth, especially in Texas. I should say we’re eager until May – August rolls around and then we are hoping for winter weather again. There is just something about that beautiful Spring air that makes me so happy!

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{T3 Convertible Interchangeable Curling Wand Tutorial}

T3 Convertible Interchangeable Curling Wand Tutorial by popular Austin style blogger Dressed to Kill

Styling your hair has seriously never been so much fun until now! I recently came across T3’s Convertible curling wand with interchangeable attachments and HAD to try it out. It’s always the worst feeling when you’re interested in different curling irons or wands but you have to buy an entirely new product. T3 has created a Convertible Base that allows you to add on different attachments to create a new styling tool each time. Talk about the best bang for your buck! This way you aren’t wasting money on a handful of new tools you have to find storage for. T3 currently has 7 interchangeable attachments that are all sold separately.

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{Splurge or Steal – Valentine’s Date Night Outfits for Him & Her}

DTKAustin shares her recent Splurge or Steal Column about Date Night Ideas for him and her in Austin Woman Magazine just in time for Valentine's Day! - Valentine's Date Night Outfits for Him & Her by popular Austin fashion blogger Dressed to Kill

Roses are red, violets are blue and heads will turn to look at you. Who out there is a huge fan of Valentine’s Day? Or not? I honestly can’t believe it’s already here. This time last year I was laid up in bed after having major shoulder surgery. Needless to say my Valentine’s date night was non-existent in 2017. That is definitely going to change this year! Grayson and I made reservations at one of our favorite sushi spots in Austin; Uchi. If you are ever in ATX you MUST go eat there. I’m not normally one that likes Valentine’s but I feel like it’s an excuse to clear the schedule and actually get out together while we both have some free time! How sad. 😂

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{12 Little Red Dresses for Galentine’s Day}

DTKAustin is sharing 12 little red dresses for Valentine's and Galentine's Day. - 12 Little Red Dresses for Galentine's Day by popular Austin fashion blogger Dressed to Kill

Even though Galentine’s Day has only been celebrated for the last few years, it is becoming increasingly popular among besties around the world. It makes me so happy someone came up with the term Galentine’s… I think it is so appropriate and something all of us girls need from time to time! I’m sure most people reading this post already understand the term Galentine’s and if not, you can most likely figure out what it is. For those who are still a little unsure, let me clarify that for you. According to Urban Dictionary, Galentine’s is February 13th, the other half of valentine’s day, when you celebrate your love for your lady friends!

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{Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve}

DTKAustin shares why she is dressing casual for Valentine's Day with this heart sleeve Chicwish turtleneck sweater. - Valentines Day Outfit idea from popular Austin Fashion blogger Dressed to Kill

Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away and to say I am slacking is an understatement. I was looking at last year’s Valentine’s Day outfit posts and I was killing it with the cutesy, lovey dovey content, or lack thereof actually! My last Valentine’s post was giving you the 10 reasons I don’t like this “holiday”. 😂 I was determined to get at least ONE Valentines Day outfit post out for you guys and I found the perfect heart sleeve sweater to share!

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{Must Have Wardrobe Staples for Spring}

DTKAustin is sharing her must have picks to easily transition your wardrobe into Spring and summer with Chicwish, Henri Bendel and CamiNYC. - Must Have Wardrobe Staples for Spring by popular Austin fashion blogger Dressed to Kill

Who else is jonesing for some warm weather? Austin is finally in the upper 60s and I am so excited to start layering with some of my new Spring pieces. I don’t know about y’all but as I soon as I get the slightest glimpse of warmer weather I am stocking up on cutoff shorts and tank tops! Thankfully in Texas summer should be right around the corner! In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my must have wardrobe staples to get you transitioning into Spring and Summer.

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