{Why I Love and Recommend Walmart Vision}

{Why I Love and Recommend Walmart Vision}

It is officially official; my glasses obsession continues. Does anyone else love having a variety of eyewear to wear each day of the week?! Maybe not each day of the week, that would be excessive but maybe a different pair for each season?! I know I can’t be the only one with this problem.

Let’s go back a few years. More like 30 years. By now, most of y’all have noticed that I wear glasses. Glasses have been a huge part of my life since I was in middle school. I remember back in the day when I started having issues seeing the chalkboard in the classroom but was too embarrassed to tell anyone so I just acted like everything was fine for as long as I possibly could. Because who wants to think they’ll look like a nerd in glasses?! But little did I know, glasses were actually kinda cool! Why did I wait so long?! It finally became clear to the teachers and my family that I probably needed to get my eyes checked. And right then and there my obsession with eye glasses was born.

Sadly, back then I wasn’t allowed to have more than one pair of glasses, which seemed pretty typical back in the 90s. Why would we really need more than one pair of glasses?? I vividly remember my first pair of glasses. They were extremely simple, black and still pretty expensive for what they were which even surprised me back then. I still couldn’t get on board with contacts so that saved us a little money!

Once I graduated college and started my first job I splurged on a pair of new prescription glasses. I remember the frames being about $350 and the prescription lenses were almost $150! How in the world is a nice pair of prescription glasses so expensive, I thought to myself?! But that didn’t stop me. A few years later I decided to get another pair of expensive prescription glasses. And guess what? I never wore them. It was at that point I realized I need to stop spending so much money on prescription glasses and find a more affordable route.

Which brings me to Walmart! I’m sure y’all were wondering where this post was headed. I’m an avid Walmart shopper, if you haven’t noticed. I think I’m in there multiple times a week at this point in my life! I had always noticed Walmart had a Vision Center but never thought much about it until one of my friends said she got her glasses from there! Intrigued, I went in and started browsing around and found so many amazing glasses brands and frame styles. Think, Calvin Klein, Nike, Converse, BEBE, Flower (Drew Barrymore’s new line), DKNY and so many more.

And guess what?! You can get a full set of glasses starting at $39. Mind blown. They also accept most major vision insurances! AND, it gets even better. If you buy one pair of prescription glasses, you can get 20% off each additional pair of prescription glasses. As if my glasses addiction couldn’t get any worse! I ended up purchasing two pairs of glasses; a pair from Converse and a pair from Sean John. The entire process from frame and lens selection to the finished prescription glasses took less than a week!

Check out glasses under $35!

Check out glasses under $60!

Are you in the market for some new eyewear? Definitely check out Walmart Vision! You can get your optical exams, new or updated prescriptions and shop for glasses/contacts! They even offer children’s glasses and contacts! Walmart makes the entire process so easy by offering such a vast selection of brands and frame styles for each and every budget.

And talk about convenience; you can buy your groceries, school supplies, your Fall/Winter wardrobe AND your new glasses and contacts!

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

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