{Clarity + Convenience: Why Walmart Vision is my Go-To Choice for Eye Care}

{Clarity + Convenience: Why Walmart Vision is my Go-To Choice for Eye Care}

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Having worn glasses for more than two decades, I’ve been to practically every type of vision center out there, but I’ve finally found one that ticks all the boxes: Walmart Vision. The convenience they offer is next-level, making it the one-stop destination for all Grayson’s and my vision needs.

Which, speaking of Grayson. Ever since I got my new glasses in from Walmart he has been stealing them for himself!! Whichever pair I’m not wearing that day, there’s a good chance he’s wearing the other pair. He’s lucky we have the same prescription! I told him for payment for wearing all of my glasses, he had to make an appearance in my reel. Thankfully, he obliged because it is way too accurate! Talk about affordable eyewear for the entire family!!

Walmart has been killing it by staying on top of the latest fashion trends, and Walmart Vision is no different—they’re constantly adding the latest styles and brands. Right now we’ve both got our eyes (no pun intended) on some of the styles by Converse, Flower and Nike!

And the best part is that the days of expensive prescription eyewear are over; at Walmart Vision glasses start at only $39! And if you buy one pair of prescription glasses, you can get 20% off each additional pair of prescription glasses. Who doesn’t love affordability and quality? Another thing that sets Walmart Vision apart is their flexibility in accepting a huge variety of insurance and benefits programs. I love that this inclusivity ensures eye care accessibility for everyone.

If you are in the market for new eyewear, check out Walmart Vision! You can get your optical exams, new or updated prescriptions and shop for glasses/contacts. They even offer children’s glasses and contacts. Walmart makes the entire process so easy by offering such a vast selection of brands and frame styles for each and every budget. Think, Calvin Klein, Nike, Converse, BEBE, Flower (Drew Barrymore’s new line), DKNY and so many more.

Check out the Store Locator to find a Walmart Vision near you!

And talk about convenience; saving time, money and stress by crossing everything including my vision needs off my checklist—and all in one place—has been a real game-changer. I am so glad I found Walmart Vision!

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