{Pet Must Haves + Home Organization}

{Pet Must Haves + Home Organization}

This blog post is all about dogs! If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know that since my husband, Grayson, and I don’t have kids we spoil Steven and Walter like they’re our children. I honestly think (actually I know) a lot of y’all only follow me to see the boys, which is totally fine! They’re more entertaining than me anyway! haha!

This entire post is about getting your dogs and your home more organized on a budget along with spoiling your furry friend with more affordable treats and toys! I also found the best gift idea and best way to memorialize your pet with these mess free paw print pads! You can also use these for baby hand prints and feet prints. They are mess free and non-toxic!

But let’s start with these paw print pads! I filmed a reel for Instagram, that I still need to post. I’ll come back and link it to this post once it goes live. I am so excited that I found these though. A few years ago I wanted to take Steven’s paw print so I could get a tattoo but we had to use an actual ink pad which, as you can imagine, was a complete mess!!

Now that we have Walter, I was interested in getting his paw print to add to Steven’s tattoo but didn’t want to go the black ink pad route since his fur is white. I started doing research and found these paw print pads that claimed to be mess free! I ordered a pack of 4 and was so impressed when I got them in. The entire process was so easy, and like they said, mess free!


Below, I have linked all of our organizational must haves that we used for the pantry and the dog’s cabinet. If you missed the reel that I posted with an awesome before and after, I have it linked HERE. The boys were so excited for all of their new goodies and I think it turned out pretty amazing!

Prior to organizing this space, I had everything just thrown in there on 2 shelves. It was impossible to find anything and it was just a mess! Even Grayson was suggesting we get the boy’s cabinet organized! When the guys complain you know you have a problem!

My main goal was to organize this space on a budget so I found every single thing at Walmart. We have been getting their dog treats, shampoo and toys from Walmart so I figured why not get all of the organizational goodies there too! I think I spent less than $100 on everything including more treats and toys, of course!

Just click on an item in the collage below and it will take you to the website to shop the product direct. There is also a scroller below the collage you can shop as well.

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