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Jeans have to be the hardest part of my wardrobe I have to shop for. Ladies, I know you agree. I mean, I despise having to shop for jeans which is why you always see me in dresses! There’s always a little excitement when I walk into a store, absolutely fall in love with a few pairs and then get heartbroken when I try them on only to have them not fit in those unflattering areas. You would think my body would be an easy one to fit but apparently these soccer thighs and long torso are deceiving, even to me! And let’s not even go into muffin tops…

My biggest problem is finding a pair of jeans that has a high enough rise so the tops I wear don’t look like crop tops. Every pair of jeans I seem to try on lately is cut so low that I have to find extra long tops to accommodate for such a low rise. That just looks ridiculous! I don’t have the body I had when I was in my teens which means I’m looking for comfort and something to suck all of me in! I recently did a closet clean-out focusing on the many pairs of jeans I owned that never get worn. I mean, there were probably 25 pairs that haven’t had a leg put in them in years!! The daunting task began.. and how depressing that was! That experience made me give up on denim… And you’re now probably wondering if this post actually has a point… It does, I promise!! For all of you depressed jean shoppers out there; there is hope!!

 I recently heard about Jennifer Hudson collaborating with New York & Co. on a denim line and was very intrigued! I strolled into the NY & Co. at Barton Creek Mall and there it was, a huge assortment of all types of Jennifer Hudson’s SOHO denim line! This is so nerdy but this is seriously the first time I’ve been excited to try on jeans! Mainly because the first rack I went to was all high waisted with plenty of room for these thighs to fit in and mask this long torso!

I grabbed a few pairs in multiple sizes, along with some tops to take into the dressing room. Skepticism set in when I realized all of the super cute tops I grabbed would probably look like crop tops on me. I threw on the first pair of jeans and immediately loved them. Sizing does run a little big so I had to go down from a 2 to a 0. I definitely like my denim tighter since a lot of it stretches out pretty quick. Once I found the correct sizes I picked a dark wash and black pair, both high-waisted that I can easily wear now and into Fall.

I paired them both with the most gorgeous lace top, which you can see below in the photos, and the length actually fit me!! I had such a hay day in that store, those employees probably thought I was nuts! Almost everything was try-on worthy and I left with an entire outfit plus accessories, shoes and a handbag. Can you say overboard?! But hey, we all know how much of a pain shopping can be for pieces we actually want to wear over and over again.

So ladies, if you’re always having an issue finding quality denim that actually fits correctly, check out NY & Co. Not only am I a huge fan of how they fit, the price can’t be beat! You’re essentially getting designer quality for a fraction of the price. AND they are running a Buy One, Get One FREE promo right now!! Now you have absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t check these babies out!!

Outfit Details:

Top – New York & Co. // Jeans – Jennifer Hudson for New York & Co.

Sunglasses – New York & Co. // Bag – New York & Co.

Shoes – New York & Co.


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    Pam Dorrell
    August 6, 2016 at 3:19 am

    I have always loved NY&C and I love the outfit you are modeling. I will definitely go look for some high rise jeans and tops.

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