{Must Have White Maxi Dresses for a Summer Vacation}

DTKAustin shares her must have, affordable white maxi dresses to take on a beach or summer vacation. Dress by Reformation. Click for more information and photos!

When I envision a beach vacation I think of all of those corny movie clips of people slowly walking on the beach in their long dresses that are trailing behind them in the sandy water. Since our Tulum trip was right around the corner I knew I had to find a dress to recreate those shots! I mean, how can you not with that gorgeous turquoise water and white sand! After searching high and low I ended up finding the perfect dress from Reformation along with what seems like a gazillion maxi dress options that I just had to have.

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{Buzzing into the First Day of Summer with Chicwish}

DTKAustin shares her love for black and white with this bee detailed top from Chicwish. Shoes from Splendid, Shorts from Alice & Olivia and bag from Henri Bendel. Click for more details and photos.

Happy first day of Summer! Is it bad I thought summer was already here in Texas?? Judging from the 90-100 degree days we’ve been having it’s been hard to differentiate! This is why I need to find a summer vacation spot where I’m not profusely sweating everywhere I go. Or I just need to start dressing like I’m going to be laying out on a beach everyday! Since neither of those are viable options at this point I have to dress strategically and comfortably when you really want nothing touching your skin at all.

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{Affordable Peplum Tops and Lace Shorts for Summer}

DTKAustin shares her go-to casual summer look for any occasion. Top from Nordstrom, Shorts from Chicwish, handbag from Henri Bendel. Click for more images and info!

Happy Monday, friends! Sorry to have been completely MIA over the last 6-7 days. This past week I had the pleasure of styling a fun project for Spike TV and Carnival Cruises outside in Galveston on two different ships. Talk about being completely drained! 100 degree weather has officially hit Texas and I can’t say that I am in the least bit pleased about it. I’m just glad there was a nice breeze and was definitely more than happy it decided to rain on us a couple of times! Now, I’m back in Austin and ready to get some fun posts up for you guys! 🙂

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{Black + White Lace-Up Jumpsuit + a Giveaway}

DTKAustin shares some of her recent photos from Tulum, Mexico with ideas on what to wear to beat the heat in the jungle or on the beach. Jumpsuit from Wala Swim, Bag from Henri Bendel. Click for more images and information.

First and foremost, let me talk about the most important info in this post! EVERYTHING on the Wala Swim website is 25% off!! Early Access starts NOW! Just make sure you use code DTK25 at checkout to get your 25% off!

Vacations are always such a blast until you actually have to start packing… I miss those good ole’ days before blogging when I could just throw whatever I wanted into a carry-on, not really care what I looked like and be good to go for the entire trip. Times have drastically changed and now I have to plan and prep each and every outfit but also still stay practical for what I’ll be doing on the trip. As most of y’all know, the latest trip was Tulum and talk about tough to pack for! You’d think this would be the easiest vacation but trying to think of the weather, if we’ll be exploring, do I need to dress up, etc. made things a little difficult! I know most of you gals like to still look cute no matter what you’re doing, so this post is for y’all! ☺️

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{Must Have Straw Beach Accessories + A Giveaway}

DTKAustin is sharing her must have straw summer accessories. From straw hats with fun sayings to colorful beach totes, it's all in this post! Click for more information and photos.

Warmer temps mean warm weather vacations or days spent at the pool and if you’re like me you want to have the cutest swimwear and accessories without breaking the bank. My summertime weakness is 100% summer, floppy hats!! It’s not even a weakness but more of an addiction!! All of my straw hats have literally taken over my closet and they just keep growing and growing! Even going to Tulum, I packed EIGHT hats in my carry-on! TSA probably thought I was absolutely insane having an entire duffel full of hats and straw bags… What can I say, I love to accessorize!

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{Get the Lash Extension Look with Vivienne Sabó Mascara}

DTKAustin talks all about how to get the eyelash extension look without spending a fortune or harming your own lashes. It's all about the right mascara. Click to read more!

We all have those days where all we want is what we can’t have. Whether it be less wrinkles, straight hair, the perfect body, long eyelashes, we’ve all been there. I was one of those people who was born with extremely long eyelashes. No idea where they came from or which family member I got them from but I really never paid any attention to them until the eyelash extension craze started a few years ago. Almost everyday someone will ask me where I get my lashes done and if I love having lash extensions. Obviously, they’re a little taken aback when I say they are 100% natural and immediately want to know my lash secrets!

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{5 Black Summer Tops You Can’t Live Without}

DTKAustin shares a beautiful black Bailey44 lace cold shoulder top, paired with white cutoff shorts, a Henri Bendel bag and Splendid black heels. Click for more information and photos.

Who says you can’t turn heads in black during the summer? If you know me you know I love wearing black during any and every season. No matter what monochromatic shade I chose to wear each day, I will still try and make a statement with detailing on my tops, shorts, accessories or shoes. I know a lot of people think black is too wintery looking and try and stay away from darker hues during the summer but I’m here to tell you that darker clothes can still look summery.

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{Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Little Black Lace Bikini}

DTKAustin shares her go-to, affordable bikini from Wala Swim while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico. Click for more outfit information and photos!

Beach babes, listen up! If you’re looking for a classic yet chic bikini that still has just enough sexy detailing, look no more! I’ve found the perfect suit for you! I’m normally one that opts for a solid black LBB (little black bikini) but will stray from the usual if I actually find something with beautiful details that is still black. 😂 When I first saw this suit on the Wala Swim website months and months ago I knew it was going to be mine. It was only a matter of time! With just having surgery back then I thought it was silly to start bathing suit shopping when I knew I would be stuck in bed for another few months. Thankfully, vacation time finally arrived and you better believe I stocked up on an array of black bikini options when they had their huge sale.

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{How to Easily Customize Your Own Faux Leather Jacket}

DTKAustin shares her ultimate DIY Project. How to paint one of your old faux leather jackets with acrylic paint. Click for more information, how-to's and photos.

Who else has too many black, faux leather jackets that are just sitting in your closet taking up space? I literally think I have 4-5 right now… If this sounds like you and you love everything DIY and fashion, I have the ultimate project for you! Custom painting those unused and old leather jackets. My friend Niki sent me a photo of a hand-painted floral, black leather jacket and immediately asked where she had found that. To my surprise, she actually painted it all herself in a matter of 2 hours… If this were me, it would have taken me days and would definitely not have come out as nice!

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{Best of May Looks – Instagram Roundup + a Giveaway}

Is it just me or are the months flying by this year? I feel like it should be March or April right now; not June… As most of y’all have seen on Instagram, Grayson and I were finally able to get away and head to Tulum for a week. Talk about relaxing! I am slowly rolling out those posts on Instagram and have added a few of my favorites to this roundup! Keep an eye out for some fun, beach blog posts coming out this week! I’m so excited to share this trip with y’all!! Quite a few of y’all have been asking me questions about where we stayed and what we did so I will be outlining everything for y’all!

 I know quite a few of y’all aren’t signed up for LiketoKnow.it so this gives you the opportunity to shop my favorite, still in-stock looks. Did you know, you can also shop ALL of my Instagram posts from my website directly at www.dtkaustin.com/shopinstagram?

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