{Funding a Child’s Education with ESPEROS Leather Bags}

As much as I love fashion and partnering with different brands there really aren’t too many that actually make the base of their company all about giving back to the community or even partnering with charities all around the world. When I get the chance to work with a company that gives back, I jump at the opportunity. I’m excited to introduce you all to ESPEROS, a company that believes education is the key to overcoming the cycle of poverty and that it should be available to everyone. To help make this vision a reality, ESPEROS creates stylish, functional, and durable products. With every product sold, they will fund one year of education for children in the developing world.

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{Instagram Roundup of my SXSW Outfits}

My gosh, what a whirlwind of a week. Like I had mentioned in my SXSW Survival Guide, it never gets any easier! After 8 years of attending SX you’d think I would be a pro at being out non-stop but with work, trying to stay healthy and then getting older I’m wanting to go to bed at 10am! This week was made even more difficult as most of you saw from my Instagram Stories. Everyone obviously knows I had shoulder surgery and haven’t been making much progress due to some major nerve issues so my surgeon suggested a steroid injection to help get things loosened up so my shoulder would move more. Long story short, that was hell and I was in mega pain the next 2 days while I was out and about for SX. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to get up extremely early to go to PT Thursday and Friday before heading out for the days events! So being tired was an understatement! I definitely had an absolute blast and am actually sad it’s already over!! Until next year, right?

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{How to Stay Comfortable at a Festival + a Giveaway}

Is it next week yet?? I always forget how intense SXSW is until I’m enthralled in the festivities! It’s day 4 for me and I’ve got 3 more long days to go. Wish me luck! I know I did a survival guide post on how to make it through SXSW but I really wanted to do a post on what people should be wearing as it’s currently fresh on my mind. There’s no better time to actually get this post up than the present! Plus I wanted to show off my favorite and comfiest look from SX so far! I’ll be sure to do a recap of what I wore once this week/weekend is over! That’s if I am still alive after that! HA!

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{Must-Have White Blouse for Spring}

DTKAustin shares her favorite summer outfit. Chicwish top, American eagle cut off shorts, Frye shoes and tote. Click for more details on the perfect summer look!

Well, so much for summer temps in Austin! As much as I had hoped the 80-90 degree weather would stay in our forecast, good things apparently have to come to an end. Insert sad face. I do have to say I am somewhat disappointed that it is now in the 40s and raining considering it is SXSW where thousands and thousands of people come to Austin to be outside! Saturday was my first official day of SXSW and it was MISERABLE! Obviously fun to be around my friends, but cold and rainy! YUCK! It was literally 50 degrees and pouring outside. Parking was such a nightmare that my friend and I had to pay to park, walk in the mud and go to events in the rain, while wearing suede shoes. No bueno!! Thankfully, the week ahead looks partly sunny and in the 60s. I’ll take it!

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{SXSW Survival Guide with CLIF Bar}

DTK Austin Shares her guide and tips to survive SXSW with CLIF Bar. Everything you need to know from what to wear to what to pack is in this post. Click for more info!

As a SXSW veteran I have to say, this festival never gets any easier! And I mean that in a good way. Each and every year there are always more and more things to do and it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed! I’ve partnered with CLIF Bar to give you the best music festival experience possible and also a guide on how to survive the long days! First things first; come join me at the CLIF Bar Bash at Blackheart on 3/14-3/15 from 11:30a-6pm and then at the Southwest Invasion at the rooftop of Whole Foods downtown from 3/16-3/18! I will be there every day and hope to meet some new friends while I’m there!

RSVP by clicking on the hyperlink below – 

CLIF Bar Bash

Southwest Invasion

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{How to Layer with a Vest for Spring}

DTKAustin shows how to wear a vest to transition into Spring. Click for more details on this OOTD. Zara Vest, Henri Bendel Bag, and a CamiNYC tank.

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far. SXSW is upon us Austinites so before all of the craziness starts I wanted to do a quick post on a look that anyone can pull off, no matter their size. Vests are a trend that I have fallen in love with and they don’t seem to be going out of style, thankfully. Over the past few years I have accumulated so many vests and sadly, I just keep forgetting to wear them until I saw this stunner at Zara. It brought back all of my best vest memories and I knew I just had to have this one because of the unique grommet and lace-up detailing on the front.

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{Best of February Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Happy March, friends! This post is a little delayed since it’s almost the middle of March but I wanted to gather a round up of my favorite 10 looks from February. I have posted each photo with a shoppable scroller underneath. All you have to do is click through and then click on an item that you want to shop. If you are looking for anything in particular feel free to leave a comment or send me a message and I will try and help you locate it. ☺️

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{31 Things About Me to Celebrate my 31st Birthday}

DTK Austin is celebrating her 31st birthday by sharing 31 facts about her life. Click for more outfit details - Blouse from Red Dress Boutique, Steve Madden heels, Articles of Society Jeans with a Henri Bendel Bag.

Well, day of birth… We meet again, this time it’s been 31 years. Can time slow down, please? I always feel so aged as a blogger when my birthday rolls around because I am in a sea of youngins in this blogosphere! It’s always refreshing to see successful blogger gals in their 30s, 40s and beyond! In celebration of turning 31 I wanted to share 31 fun facts about me that most of y’all probably don’t know unless you’re family or a really close friend! ☺️ It literally took me FOREVER to try and think of 31 things about me, so I hope y’all enjoy these!
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{Black Hair, Black Clothes, Zero Worry}

DTKAustin talks all about her new favorite DOVE shampoo. Has anyone every had a dry scalp or dandruff? Click to read why she is raving all about Dove's new Derma Care Scalp line.

Do yourself a favor and don’t let your scalp end up like this guy; dead and dry!

Alright ladies, it’s time to talk about that embarrassing topic no one ever wants to admit they have. Any guesses… I’ll just throw it out there; dandruff and dry skin. In the big scheme of things its not a HUGE deal but its definitely a downer if it’s something you have to worry about everyday. I’ve partnered with Dove Hair to share my experience with their new Derma Care Scalp Pure Daily Care Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner and boy is it a life changer. Whether you have dandruff or an itchy scalp due to dry skin, you will love these products.

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{Tied up}

DTKAustin is sharing her favorite white free people top shot while in New Orleans. Ashley is carrying a Rebecca Minkoff Love bag and wearing Vince Camuto OTK Boots. Click to get more info and pics!

How is it already MARCH?! Does anyone else literally feel like this year is already flying by?? Sorry for the lack of posts lately… I just realized it’s been over a week since my last blog post and I hadn’t posted on Insta in FIVE days!! Taking a little Insta break was much needed and I actually left town for the first time since my shoulder surgery to drive up to Fort Worth to visit my family last weekend. It had been so long since I had visited that it was such a breath of fresh air to finally get out of the house for longer than a few hours. We got back late Saturday night just in time for me to start prepping for my first commercial job since the surgery and I can say that being scared and nervous was a major understatement. Thankfully, I have a killer assistant and crew that has really made the transition back to work such a breeze! I’m glad to be back, even if I can only move one arm!! 😜

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