Introducing jewelry designer Shaesby and his latest Isla Collection. Drawing inspiration from nature and travel, the Isla Collection is an exploration of oceanic textures, mixed metals and celestial patterns. Each piece of jewelry is hand cast and made to order in his Austin studio and can be customized by metal or stone (depending upon the design). Pricing then varies based on what you select.




Shaesby invited me to the studio for a personal tour and to witness first hand how certain pieces are made. In particular, my Isla ring. I was introduced to Travis, the master jeweler for Shaesby.

We started off with melting pieces of silver, shown below. He used an incredibly hot blow torch to melt the bowl of silver and then poured it into a cast. (Did you know it has to be 1,763 degrees Fahrenheit to melt silver?) Multiple rings could then be produced off of this single ‘tree.’

Next, the cast was taken to a tub of water to cool. In a matter of seconds the metal was cooled and ready to be examined. As you can see, this cast produced 4 rings, one being the Isla ring I am wearing. Once the silver cools each piece of jewelry is then removed from the silver ‘tree’ and smoothed. From here, the finishing touches were put on my ring; diamonds!





Melting Silver







We also experienced how each and every piece of jewelry produced is hammered and shaped, by hand. The attention to detail in each and every piece is simply amazing.  You can see Travis working on an earring. He used several different types of hammers and tools to shape and create detail from a raw piece of silver.









Next, I was shown how a custom wedding ring/band is produced. First, the diamond is selected and a custom design is then made. The diamond is placed on a wax mold that will create the actual ring setting. Then, the band is shaped and sized with a wide array of tools to create a mold for the final product.

The jewelry making process was an unbelievable experience. Witnessing first hand how multiple pieces of jewelry are made, from start to finish, was a true treat. This has really allowed me to appreciate the craftsmanship of all handmade jewelry, especially my Isla ring. Each jeweler is trained to create a piece from start to finish so there is no lag time in the process.

Custom jewelry is one of Shaesby’s fortes. Ranging in style and price, they can create anything your heart can imagine. Even producing an engagement ring in under 24 hours for one man eager to make his girlfriend his bride on their upcoming vacation.





More About Shaesby:

Born and raised in Louisiana, Shaesby Scott attended Colorado State University where he pursued his passion for fine art. He began his career as a sculptor and furniture maker. While living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Shaesby soon discovered his calling for jewelry and in 2001 he decided to dedicate himself to the craft, launching his namesake brand. From a modest start, setting up shop in his garage to moving into his current studio, which now employs a small team of talented craftsmen, Shaesby has been on quite a journey; one that has been intertwined with his hometown of Austin, Texas, where he finds inspiration for the creative process.

Each piece of Shaesby jewelry is comprised of responsibly and ethically sourced materials and is created by hand utilizing old world techniques such as hand forging and lost wax casting. Shaesby believes it is the relationship between the maker and the wearer that give purpose to his process. Jewelry takes on new life, when worn. A selection of Shaesby is available in Austin at Eliza Page, Anna Gray or Neiman Marcus.

Find the full range of collections available for purchase at: 





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  1. February 29, 2016 / 4:54 pm

    Great article!! I especially love the fantastic photos showing the process up close!

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