Introducing, Schoola, an online clothing consignment shop that gives 40% of proceeds to schools. Think of a hybrid of an e-commerce online thrift store (who doesn’t love that?!) and a fundraising platform for schools to raise money to support their school and creative programs within.

We underestimate how important creativity in schools actually is. Creativity is one of the most important aspects of an emerging child’s education but unfortunately these programs are being cut back due to lack of funding. Thankfully, Schoola is here to help.

Creativity played a major role in my career choices as a young adult and even into my 30s. I was always passionate about art at a very young age. I would be designing houses and building them out of paper and popsicle sticks, to the point my parents had to store most of them in the attic. Once I was able to choose electives in middle and high school, I quickly utilized that time spent in art class, which obviously ended up being one of my favorites.

Art was such a passion of mine, I would finish one project and ask for another to do while everyone else completed theirs. I was drawn to the creativity, something that would allow me to let my mind go. This creativity followed me all the way to college, where I graduated with a degree in Architecture and Business Management. My creative mind allowed me to start my own business and follow my dreams because I wasn’t drawn to the norm.

It is devastating to me to see these programs getting cut in school. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for those classes in middle and high school. The time before I even knew what I wanted to with my life, ended up shaping who I am today.

Like I said before, art and creativity are 2 extremely important things that mold us into who we are today. It can make the difference of who will pursue their dreams to be a creative and who will conform to the day-to-day life of someone trapped at a desk with no creative freedom. I understand that being a creative is not for all of us, but my hope is that more and more schools will realize that this is such an important aspect of a child’s life. Just think, if we didn’t have creatives, we wouldn’t have talented musicians, artists, writers, even bloggers! Let’s not rid the world of children’s creative minds! Let them free!

Click HERE to see more on how Schoola works.

As a wardrobe stylist and blogger, I have accumulated many clothes over the years, even over the last few months. Being a minimalist, I am continuously cleaning out my closet to make room when more projects arise. Before I knew about Schoola I would take everything to Goodwill. This always made me hesitant because I knew that these clothes weren’t helping people as much as I would have liked. I found Schoola after much research on thrift stores and hit the jackpot when they popped up! Not only do they help within the schooling system, I even got to choose the school I wanted proceeds sent to.

I requested a bag HERE, and they immediately sent one out to me to fill. The only concern I had was shipping this heavy bag of clothes back, but found out that they even pay for the shipping!

Once the clothes are received, they will carefully inspect each item and whatever is fit to be sold will be added to their online shop. For every $5 you spend, $2 goes back to the school of choice!

It’s a win, win. I can’t express enough how amazing this cause is. It gives me hope for some of the less fortunate children out there who don’t get access to creative classes!

I urge you all to check Schoola out and request a bag to start cleaning out that closet and help a child gain that creative freedom they are longing for!

Schoola Donation Bag

Now, for the really fun part! I actually found some really cute clothes on their site and had to snag a few cuties for transitioning into Spring! I found a BRAND NEW lace dress that I have been on the hunt for, for months! Can you say, Spring ready!? I ended up purchasing three items total; 2 dresses and a faux leather jacket and the quality and condition were immaculate!



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