Off-the-shoulder tops are all the rage lately and there are ZERO excuses on why you shouldn’t own one for summer! Comfy, stylish and just plain cute; they are a MUST HAVE, warm-weather staple to add to your wardrobe.

I have heard quite a few people talking about off-the-shoulder tops and how they just don’t work for them. WHY, I ask?! They are the best thing ever!! The main issue I hear from friends, family and clients is that the elastic band around their shoulders is almost suffocating. Well, ya, I totally understand why they don’t wear these tops, but its only because they haven’t found the right one!

This ChicWish top is probably one of my favorite, go-to, OTS (off-the-shoulder) tops I own. Like everyone else, I strongly dislike having a top on that feels too constricting, like I can’t move my arms. Or the fact that if I move the elastic around, it has practically dug into my arms because it was so tight and left ridiculous marks.

The top in the photos is the most comfortable OTS tops I own, to date. the fabric and elastic are both extremely soft and won’t leave you ready to change right after you put it on. Best part about it, other than the comfort level?? It’s $36! Extremely affordable!!

These shorts are an entirely different story! From TARGET!! I get so many complements on them and they are beyond comfortable. Since I turned 30, I have this fear of dressing like I’m 20 and totally getting called out on it! Hahaha, it’s so ridiculous, I know. BUT these shorts are a little longer and high waisted so they have more coverage than your average hoochy, cut off shorts. And these are just above $20. I bought 3 pairs of them.. That’s how much I love them!

Alright… Let’s not forget about the shoes! Of course, all of us blogger girls LOVE our wedges and this pair is no exception! Sole Society has become one of my favorite shoe brands this year and I think I have literally bought their entire store out, practically owning every single pair! (If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram!) Shoes and handbags GALORE!!!

Outfit Details:

Top – Chicwish // Shoes – Sole Society

Watch – Kapten & Son // Sunglasses – Kapten & Son

Shorts – Target


  1. May 17, 2016 / 8:45 pm

    The simplicity of this look is so great, and I’m in love with the universally-flattering OTS top trend right now (I feel as though it’s not forced, everyone just loves them).

    Also cannot deny some great cutoff jean shorts – homemade or store-bought!

    This look makes me miss visiting Austin!


  2. May 18, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    I absolutely LOVE love love that top! I know what you mean with the OTS tops, some are so constricting and dig into the skin, it’s something I’d definitely need to try on in a store first as opposed to getting it online, loving how it looks but hating how it feels. I’m also turning 30 soon and TOTALLY feel the same way about dressing “my age”, but this ootd is bomb & 100% age appropriate 😀 Can’t believe I’m actually that stage where I have to think about age appropriate… Love the post girl! Love, Viv x http://stylecite.com

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