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{Splurge or Steal} Style du Jour

Throw Back Thursday!

Splurge or Steals are some of my favorite shoots to do because it gives people options on what to buy that they can actually afford! Not all of us can afford this gorgeous Herve Leger Dress!  This shoot happened to be for Austin Woman Magazine’s February issue and it was a blast!  Last week I shot another one of these for my Ask Ashley column in the December issue, so keep an eye out!!

Which is your favorite?? My personal fav. is definitely the Herve!! It fit like a glove, as they all do, and I would definitely say SPLURGE on that!


Splurge or Save

Splurge Outfit Details:

Dress – Herve Leger // Clutch – Gucci // Jewelry – Stephen Dweck // Shoes – Valentino

Save Outfit Details:

Dress – H&M // Jewelry – Target // Clutch – Target // Shoes – Chinese Laundry

{Beachy} Style du Jour

This is one of the ONLY posts I will ever do in a bathing suit.  I HATE doing posts like this too, but I just love this new bathing suit I got so I had had to show it off.  I first tried displaying it on the floor but then I realized it really doesn’t do it justice.  So, enjoy this rare bathing suit post because there probably won’t be another!  I’m already extremely sunburned from being at the pool all day, so please disregard how splotchy I look! (Yes, I caked the sunscreen on too!)

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 preset

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Hat – Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses – SPY // Floral Bikini – H&M

Watch – Chanel J12 // FitBit // Wedges – Stuart Weitzman

{Gold | White} Style du Jour

The new and improved My Style Du Jour’s are BACK!  Sorry it’s literally been months since I have done one of these posts. I am going to try and do one every week, if possible!!

Since it’s finally getting warmer and I can wear my cute, warm weather clothes I figured today is the best day to start these back up!

I also had one of the best meetings EVER and am just in a super excited mood, so even more of a reason to post my winning outfit!

White Top + Gold Shorts | how to style a white top for summer  | how to wear a white top for summer | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

White Top + Gold Shorts | how to style a white top for summer  | how to wear a white top for summer | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

White Top + Gold Shorts | how to style a white top for summer  | how to wear a white top for summer | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

White Top + Gold Shorts | how to style a white top for summer  | how to wear a white top for summer | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

White Top + Gold Shorts | how to style a white top for summer  | how to wear a white top for summer | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill


White Top – BCBG // Gold Shorts – Express // Shoes – Prada

Bracelets – Rebecca Minkoff, Vita Fede, JCREW // Watch – Chanel

Sunglasses – Prada // Bag – Louis Vuitton Pallas

HUGE thanks to my new outfit photog., George Ocean.

{Austin Woman Magazine} Style du Jour

This is one of my favorite issues of Austin Woman Magazine I’ve worked on to date!  Mainly because I was randomly asked to style AND model the Style section of the issue.  Normally, I am just lucky enough to style a few looks but this time I was really a piece of the issue!  So much fun and definitely an edgier perspective compared to other issues.

I was also extremely excited to style the amazing cover woman of this issue; Camille Styles!  She even welcomed our crew in to shoot her gorgeous home in Austin.

See the full article HERE!

AW Coats

AW Coats1

In the Know {Affordable Personal Shopping}

Many people think that hiring a personal shopper/stylist is a luxury that most can’t afford.  They couldn’t be more wrong and I am going to explain in this post how anyone and everyone can afford a personal shopper!

My entire business was formed strictly as personal shopping and styling a little over 3 years ago.  During the first few months I was booking a broad range of clients; from business men, stay at home moms, people looking to get back into the dating scene, and others just looking to revamp their current wardrobe.  All of these people had completely different needs and different budgets and we made it work for them.  Not everyone is going to have the same budget to shop at Neiman Marcus and not everyone will want to shop at H&M or Target either.  But you can have the best of both worlds and have the luxury of hiring someone to help.

Having a new wardrobe and feeling confident in what actually fits correctly is a huge ego boost.  The majority of the people out there are wearing clothing that is either too old, word, or too small or big which is not flattering.  The crazy thing is, most people know this! But they think they have absolutely no extra income to put towards a few new looks.

They key in purchasing a new wardrobe is BASICS.  You can go a long way with basics and they aren’t super expensive.  I take some of my clients to Target, H&M and Forever 21 to get most of their basics – Black blazer, dark jeans, t-shirts and tanks; even shoes.  H&M sells basic shirts for $5.95; they last forever and look great with everything.  Again, most people don’t know about how inexpensive it is to get a new wardrobe.

Most of my recent clients have been on a strict budget; only wanting to spend $200-$300 on new clothes.  Quite a few people would think that’s crazy and that you can’t possibly get a new wardrobe on such a low budget. But you would be surprised!  I work my magic and get my clients at least 10 outfit options with $200-$300.  Of course, my fee varies depending on how many locations and how long this will take, but the majority of the time anyone could afford it.

So, if you are one of those folks who is tired of looking at the same ole’ stuff in your closet or just have nothing to wear; shoot me an email and we can talk wardrobe! 🙂

{Ultimate Closet Clean-Out} How To

Who doesn’t want a closet that looks like these fab spaces? 





Even if you don’t have the space or luxury of having a closet that closely resembles these, you can still have something that you enjoy looking at.  A neater and more streamlined wardrobe is guaranteed to make your life easier and happier.  It only takes a few hours and can be easily achieved with a little dedication and motivation.  If you are the type that HATES cleaning and despises getting rid of things, then you could always hire a personal shopper or stylist to push you in the right direction.


There is a simple 4 step list that will transform your closet:



Get Inspired

Time to SHOP!

What to do with your designer discards? 

If you are in Austin – Let me consign them on eBay for you!  After I edit your closet, of course! 🙂

Designer Consignment is also an option – But keep in mind, they take 50-60% of the sale price!




Number 1:  Make a Closet Edit

Here’s what you are going to need – a couple of hours, full-length mirror, trash bags for donations or consignment, and a clean space so you aren’t overwhelmed before you even start.

#1 – Store the easy stuff you won’t be wearing that season.  Ex. Summer clothes and shoes

#2 – Take everything, YES EVERYTHING, out of your closet/drawers and place it on your clean bed.  Start putting items into groups – tops, skirts, pants, jackets, etc.

#3 – Try on everything and decide what actually fits and what needs to go.  Don’t save things thinking you will lose that extra weight and fit into it again. Chances are, you won’t lose that weight and the item isn’t valuable enough to save that long; just buy something better in another size.

#4 – Put the rejects in the trash bags – consignment bag and/or donate bag.




Number 2: Organize

#1 – Prepare your clothing spaces and analyze what could be moved around or added to create more space.  The closet in my old condo was so deformed because it was under a stairway, but I made great use of the space and went to the Container Store and installed another shelf and rack for clothes.

#2 – Arrange your clothes in categories.  This really helps know where everything is.  I organize my closet by dresses, skirts, coats, tanks and then other tops.  VERY helpful and I know where everything is!

#3 – Organize all of your extras.  This would include shoes, t-shirts, jeans, pants, etc.  Get shoe racks to display shoes; these don’t take up too much space and you can always see what you have right in front of you.  Get tubs for all of your cashmere or wool clothing that shouldn’t be hung.  Those pesky moths will eat that fabric any chance they get.  Store the tubs on the top shelves of a closet so you can still see what you have.

#4 – Look for what you have the most of. Now plan to go shopping to fill the gaps and add a variety. Ex. I have too much black… So, I would plan on buying more colors to spice up my wardrobe.  Or do you have too many flats?  Figure out what you will need for the season and branch out a little.


Trying to figure out what to hang and what to fold? Help is here:

Hang – Dresses, silky blouses, blazers, anything leather, skirts, button downs, and trousers

Fold – T-shirts, jeans, lightweight knits, and shorts




Number 3: Get Inspired

There are so many FREE resources out there now for fashion clueless ladies.  Take advantage!!


Instagram –

This is one of my favorite resources for checking out current styles and trends from my favorite designers, bloggers, actresses and stylists.

Here are some of my favorites to follow – 
















Now – Make that shopping list!!  Sort out your WANTS and NEEDS.



Number 4: SHOP

#1 – Prepare yourself for a day full of shopping.  Get ready, grab a snack and a bottle of water or coffee and then evaluate your list.

#2 – Have your budget set for each store you plan to shop at that day.

#3 – Beware of sales… Yes, they are a blessing to most. But think – Would I buy that at full price?? If the answer is no, then STAY AWAY!!

#4 – Be open to items that aren’t on your list.  Don’t stray too far away from what you have carefully planned out, but if your budget allows a few extras, then go for it!  As long as you will get your money’s worth out of it.

#5 – TRY IT ON! I am notorious for never trying anything on. I end up spending too much money and never keeping any of it because I hate how it looks since I was too lazy to try it on in the store.

#6 – Retry everything on at home and put together outfits with each piece you purchased.  A big help for me is once I put those outfits together, I will take a quick picture with my iPhone so I can put it in my outfit folder. That way I know what it looked good with when I tried it on at home.


Ask yourself these questions –

Will you get more than a handful of wears out of it?

Will it work for more than one season?

Does it have at least three “friends” in the closet?

Will it fit if you gain 5 pounds?

Is it substantially different from similar pieces you already own?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, it’s a go!

In the Know {Helpful Wardrobe Tips}

How was everyone’s weekend??  Stress free, I hope!  I don’t think I have ever been so excited to have one ENTIRE day to rest and catch up on work.  SXSW was so much fun this year, but definitely the most exhausting!! This week entailed one of the most fun days EVER and REALLY didn’t want that to end, but overall, I am glad the crowds, drunk people, and traffic are outta here! Until next year!

To start the week off right, I wanted to give some helpful hints for men and women’s wardrobes.


First – Let’s get to the 5 Step Closet Makeover

Clear out the clutter and create an organized space!  There are many retailers that offer custom closet building and sell organizational items so you can utilize your space better.  Take it from me, our closets are SMALL… I mean REALLY small.  We share a space that is under a staircase which means there is a massive slant that you can’t use for anything.  A few months ago I decided to completely rebuild our closet and went to the Container Store and had specific parts measured and cut just for our oddly shaped closet.  My gosh, what a difference that made!!  Now, all of my crap doesn’t take over all of our space!! My recommendations for closet organization would definitely be the Container Store, California Closets, and Target – for clear tubs and hangers.


Step 1: Edit Your Wardrobe

My main rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “Have I worn this in the last 6 months?” If the answer is no, get rid of it.  Ask yourself, “Would I buy this today?” If the answer is no, get rid of it!  This is what I tell ALL of my clients and they thank me later!  You are left with items you actually wear with no unnecessary clutter.  If you have designer items that you are getting rid of, touch base with me and I can get them ALL sold on eBay or taken to a resale shop like Platos Closet or Buffalo Exchange.  This gives you money in your pocket to replace old items with things you would actually wear.


Step 2: Make Your Space Bright and Easy to Use

Paint the inside of your closet ivory, nude or a pale color so that your clothes stand out.  Consider putting a light strip in darker spots so that items will be illuminated and no longer hidden from plain view.  This definitely helps and makes clothes look less drab.


Step 3: Arrange Your Items Like A Boutique

Some boutiques arrange clothing by item or color.  Follow their lead and put skirts with skirts, shirts with shirts, etc. If you want to go even further, organize each by color.


Step 4: Stick to Your System

Make sure your method suits your lifestyle or you will never keep it up. Also, realize that staying organized is a learned habit, so give it at least three months before making any tweaks.


Step 5: Update it Seasonally

Edit your wardrobe quarterly.  It will help you decide what new items you should be shopping for throughout the year.

10 Tools that can keep clothes looking new!

Lint Brush – A good one will remove a lot more than just lint, including tiny food particles that can attract moths.  You can use the type that has rolls of sticky tape or the type that can be rinsed to clean it.

The Right Hangers – Padded hangers are ideal for delicate items such as silk tops and lingerie.  Wood or plastic styles prevent stretching and puckering.  Get the right size; standard sizes might be too small for a jacket or coat.

Horse -hair brush or chemical sponge – These help keep leather and suede clean.

Pencil Eraser – It removes minor scuffs from leather shoes, handbags, and garments.  For patent leather go out at by the Magic Eraser!  It works wonders.

Instant Stain Remover – The Tide-To-Go pen and similar products from Walgreens/CVS are top picks.

Handheld Steamer – When you just need a touch up and not cleaning, grab a steamer and not an iron!

Underarm Shields – They’re an easy and cheap way to prevent pit stains.

Rubbing Alcohol – It gets out ballpoint pen ink.

Hydrogen Peroxide – It removes blood and red wine.

White cotton cloths or napkins – They’re good for blotting (not rubbing) food stains.

5 Biggest Budget Killing Fabrics


Worst Enemy – Snow and Ice Melting Salt

How to keep it looking new – After each wearing, brush suede shoes and jackets with a horsehair brush or chemical sponge to remove dirt.  Store shoes on a shoe tree in a cedar closet or on a cedar shoe tree to help retain their shape and absord moisture and odors.  You could also place a piece of cedar into your shoe.  On snowy or rainy days, lightly spray shoes with a water-protection formula before stepping out.


Worst Enemy – Moisture from rain, perspiration and drink spills

How to keep it looking new – Velvet is vulnerable to fabric-crushing crimps. To prevent them, use a padded hanger for all of your velvet items, including scarves.  NEVER wash velvet!!

Sequined, Beaded, and other embellished garments 

Worst Enemy – Rubbing, rough handling, and steam, which causes the sequins to discolor and/or curl up.

How to keep it looking new – Between wearings, cover the garment in tissue paper and lay it flat in a cool, dry, dark place, such as on a shelf or in a drawer.


Worst Enemy – Perfume, sweat, Deodorant, and hair spray

How to keep it looking new – Allow fragrance and hair spray to dry completely before you get dressed – the alcohol in them can cause discoloration.  And go light on the deodorant or wear dress shields.  Neglecting a silk garment can ruin it.  If you don’t wear it regularly, protect it by storing it in an opaque, breathable garment bag.  The light in your closet can casuse fading and ruin the color.


Worst Enemy – Lipstick, ink, body oil and grease

How to keep it looking new – Rub leather shoes with a cotton cloth after each wearing and reseal them regularly.  For garments, after each wearing check the areas that are most vulnerable to soiling – the neck, collar, cuffs, pockets and zipper placket.  A little discoloration is to be expected over time, but don’t wait until the area is several shades darker than the rest of the jacket or skirt to have it cleaned; by then it’s probably too late.  NEVER try to get the stains out yourself – you will probably make them worse.  Take it from me! haha