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{How to Wear a Trench Coat Dress}

When it rains it pours! Anyone else ever have photos scheduled and then it starts pouring? That was my day. I got all ready to shoot for the blog, planned out a couple of looks, packed the car up and got to the location and BAM. It starts raining! Either way, we got some fun shots of this awesome trench coat dress! Do y’all have a favorite black trench coat? Have you ever thought about wearing it as a dress? Now, don’t go getting those thoughts of people wearing trench coats around with nothing on underneath them! I know this trench coat dress is a trend that doesn’t appeal to most people but it has become one of my go-to looks lately. The classy way. 😂

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{How to be the Best Dressed Guest at a Wedding}

What to wear to a Wedding | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

Ever been stumped on what to wear to a wedding?? As a stylist, I get that question ALL the time. I wanted one of my recent Ask Ashley articles to not only be informative on how to be the best dressed guest but to also show photos so you can actually get an idea of what types of wardrobe work for multiple types of weddings.

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{How to Pull Off Dark Colors in the Summer}

DTKAustin shares one of her favorite summer dresses by MISA Los Angeles and talks how to wear darker colors in the summer. Click for more info and photos.

Who else is still in that long weekend mindset? After getting back from our week in Tulum I haven’t wanted to do a damn thing. Why is it always so difficult to get back to the way things were after an amazing vacation?! That work life is NO fun. Vacation depression is seriously a real thing. I mean, my suitcase is still packed sitting in the living room! Mainly because I hate unpacking and I jumped right back in to renovating the bathroom. I’ll be posting more on stories soon! I’m attempting to get that thing finished in a month but that’s coming up quicker than I had expected. One thing I’m really excited about is this post though! Now that I’m back I’m finally getting in the swing of posting all of our vacation pics on social media and getting more blogs out the door for y’all.

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{Faux Fur Cape}

Hello, Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I was daydreaming about sleeping in, cuddling on the couch and just relaxing the days away, but that was wishful thinking. It was another one of those weekends where I was working non-stop from morning to night. As I’m writing this I’m getting sleepier and sleepier thinking about my 4am alarm clock and extremely early call time. No sleeping in for me!! But I will be around a great group of people on a fun commercial for the Colorado Wildlife Council. I just wish we were filming in Colorado in the snow instead of Texas!!

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{Ghost Town}

I still can’t believe it is already 2016! And mid January, at that! Is this year going to go by just as fast as 2015?? I’m hoping not…

This was one of my last shoots of 2015, and boy was it a crazy one! We were headed back from Mammoth and had seen this old ghost town on the drive up there. Grayson and I thought it would be such a fun place to try and shoot an outfit if we had time on the drive back to LA.  As we start to make the long trek back we literally creep on every town that looks overly rundown and desolate. We finally found the perfect one that had 5-6 old houses fenced off with Private Property signs. This place was literally right off the highway so fingers crossed no one felt like reporting us. We walked around the entire place trying to find the perfect area to shoot and definitely found some interesting stuff going on there! Not only were there old clothes, bed sheets and just crap in general, there were water leaks, broken glass, and fallen down walls EVERYWHERE! It was pretty sketch. But we shot long enough to get some good photos until cars started pulling up and watching us… Talk about creepy!!

It was such a blast and a fun story to be able to tell! And I had the perfect coat from SheIn to shoot! I think it was the absolute perfect look for this location.

Tan Coat

Outfit Details:

Coat – SheIn // Boots – Frye

Sweater – Neiman Marcus Cashmere (Similar HERE)

Boot Cuffs – Royal Scout (Similar HERE) // Jeans – AYR

Sunglasses – Gucci (Similar HERE) // Beanie – Target (Similar HERE)