{Charlotte Stripes}

Finally getting around to posting one of my quick shoots from my Charlotte, NC trip. What a whirlwind that experience was!

I was hired by a company (name can’t be released yet) to work on a production for wardrobe styling with NASCAR out in North Carolina for half of a day. I flew out in the afternoon, got to my hotel and quickly began prep for the shoot day. In the meantime, I figured I might have some free time to actually shoot a couple of outfits after we wrapped the shoot, but had no idea of who to reach out to in Charlotte. I had never been! Thank goodness for social media… I quickly started browsing Charlotte photographers and found someone who fit my entire Instagram aesthetic to a T! I mean, it was literally the most perfect fit EVER. I was pleasantly surprised with how many amazing shots we ended up getting in such a short amount of time.

The next day, I wrapped up work earlier than expected and hauled ass back to the hotel to get ready to shoot with my new friend, Will! We immediately hit it off and he knew exactly what locations would be ideal to keep everything cohesive and grey! I mean, what a winner!! We shot for an hour before I had to head back to the hotel for meetings and to pack up for my early flight the next day.

Beyond excited to show you some of these photos! It was a chilly day, so I’m definitely glad I had packed this super cute, asymmetrical zip, SheIn hoodie and BedStu lace-up boots! I had been looking for an excuse to get some good wear out of them and this was a perfect opportunity!

I have one more outfit to post from our shoot that shows off some of gorgeous Charlotte! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it!!

Outfit Details:

Hoodie – SheInside // Jeans – AG (More affordable HERE)

Boots – BedStu // Beanie – Nordstrom

Photos by Will Taylor

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