The time has come for the BEST sale of the year; the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This is, by far, one of the most anticipated sales of the year. Not only is it just a sale… It is showcasing all, brand new, Fall goodies that cost a fraction of the retail price! There is no other store that does it like Nordstrom, so get your pocketbooks ready to do some shopping!!

I had the opportunity to check out the sale a day early at the Nordstrom in Austin and pick up a few of my favorite things. Ok, not a few, like a TON of the cutest Fall goodies! I mean, I have to show y’all all of my favorite things, right!?

Before we get into the shopping portion of the sale, I want to give y’all a few quick, helpful tips when shopping this sale.

First – The most important, so pay attention!! You HAVE to have a Nordstrom card to shop early access, which starts July 14-July 21. If you do not have a Nordstrom card you won’t be able to shop until July 22! You run the risk of super fabulous items being sold out. Yes, they do restock, but not everything! So, make sure you are prepared with your Nordstrom Card! You definitely get other perks to signing up too, so don’t fret about signing up for another card.

Second – Make sure you are signed up for LiketoKnow.it. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is how you can shop all of my posts that have the liketoknow.it link in the text. If you see any posts on my Instagram that you just love, just “like” the photo and you will get a ready to shop email in your inbox! If that isn’t working, make sure your email settings are on. If all else fails, you can type the link in your browser. Beware, it IS case sensitive!

Third – There is a TON of amazing Fall goodness in stores and ever more online, which to me, sounds outrageously overwhelming. Be prepared and make a list. Just get an idea of what you are wanting to purchase because once you get in there with all of the crazy #NSALE shoppers you are definitely going to want to be organized! Even online, there are so many options… It would take you hours and hours to get through everything. That is why I am here to help! At least with the online portion! 🙂

Fourth – I would suggest setting a budget… You are obviously going to go over this, like I did today! Like wayyyyy over, BUT you run the risk of sizes being sold out! I would honestly suggest you buy what you are interested in and return it later. There were plenty of items that I went in to get today that were already sold out!! I mean, how is that possible?! I went the day before!! #annoyed

Fifth – HAVE FUN!!!!! and if you need any inspiration, check out the top left tab on my header titled #NSALE. There, I have listed 4 categories with my favorite Anniversary Sale picks!

I will be posting my favorite outfits on the blog, Instagram and Snapchat (dtk_austin), so make sure you are following along! And if you need any personal help shopping, please let me know and I will be on a mission to send you some options! 🙂

I won’t overload you with shopping on this post but I will share my SEVEN favorite things from the Anniversary Sale!

#1. Anything Rebecca Minkoff – Because, why not?!

#2. OTK Boots – Always a Fall staple!

#3. Nadri Bracelets – Literally diamond look-a-likes

#4. A Leather Jacket – Always classy and always a must have

#5. Fit & Flare dress – Because they fit like a dream!!

#6. A GREAT Oversized Cardigan

#7. Blanket Scarves 

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  1. July 14, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    So many good things this year. Love your picks & I’m pretty sure we will be #twinning since we both seem to have the same great taste and style.

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