{SXSW + SkinnyPop}

{SXSW + SkinnyPop}

The moment Austinites have been waiting for! SXSW is finally here and has taken over the city one musician, fan, designer, techie and blogger at a time!

I have partnered with SkinnyPop to share with everyone my SXSW essentials for those long, event-filled days! If you haven’t heard of SkinnyPop you are definitely missing out! It’s by far my favorite snack at home or on the go. SkinnyPop Popcorn is a scrumptious ready-to-eat popcorn that is free of GMOs, artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives and all major allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and soy! I mean, how perfect could it get. Not only is it extremely healthy, I can eat an entire bag in one sitting… 🙂 Not the snack bags either… But those big ole’ bags! Anyone who has eaten this yummy popcorn can totally attest to my addiction!!

Anyway, I am getting off topic thinking about yummy popcorn!!

I have brought you all here to share my SXSW essentials; what I need to survive not coming home for an entire day!

First off; the most important thing for me is a SNACK! I can’t even begin to tell you the days I went without eating anything because restaurants are way too packed, too expensive or it’s just a hassle to get anywhere besides the events I am supposed to be at.  This SXSW SkinnyPop has been my absolute best friend. I carry 6 snack bags with me and eat them throughout the day if I can’t make it to get a full meal. And even better?? There’s a SkinnyPop pedi-cab that is handing out free snack bags to any of their passengers! There’s nothing better than that! Actually, there is… SkinnyPop rides are FREE!!

Second, I HAVE to have a portable phone charger.  Ventev is my go-to for portable charging devices and it has saved me the past 6 days and nights while I am out and about! I can’t worry about having to find an outlet with a long cord and then sit by my phone waiting for it to charge. That’s just not practical anymore. This is the tech age and everyone needs to stay connected; especially at SXSW!

Dressing cute and appropriately is the next most important essential. Since being enthralled in the fashion world I am definitely more conscious of what I am wearing when I am in meetings or speaking engagements. I have to still look put together but still be able to walk miles a day! Carrying a backpack or tote is my definite must-have. I can store a pair of flip flops after an event and then quickly change shoes and put my wedges or heels in my bag. I always suggest that people bring a light jacket if they are heading out early in the morning. Austin has some chilly mornings since we aren’t full fledge in the summer temps yet. But definitely have something to put your jacket in or tie it around your waist because you will be quite toasty in the afternoon Texas sun!

Next, I always suggest bringing some sort of water bottle. Stay hydrated, y’all! It gets hot out there and most places only want to serve you alcohol. No one needs a headache, or even worse a hangover!!


Lastly, I always have my camera with me. You never know when you’ll see something photo-worthy or need some outfit shots of yourself! 🙂

Skinny Pop

Flatly Outfit Details:

Top – CottonOn // Shorts – Silver Jeans Co.

Shoes – Vince Camuto // Sunglasses – ASOS (Similar HERE)

Phone Case – Case Cavern // Necklace – Hightower Collection

Bag – Danielle Nicole // Portable Charger – Ventev

Walking Outfit Details:

Top – Kit & Ace // Shorts – Target

Shoes – Lulu’s (Similar HERE) // Tote – BP // Watch – KLARF

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