{How to Wear a Pea Coat for Men}


It has come to my attention over these cold months that most men don’t have a clue when buying coats, or more importantly, how they look when they are wearing certain types of coats…  I had a request from a great friend of mine to write a post on how to correctly wear a peacoat… Yes, it is almost Spring in some states, including Texas, but it’s never too late to learn the correct way to wear something!!


So, there are FOUR main steps in how to wear a peacoat:

ONE – Layering

The peacoat is an outer layer, that is it.  The only items you should wear over your peacoat are… not really anything… If wearing a scarf, have it tucked in to where only the neck area is showing the scarf.  Accessories outside of a coat tend to be overwhelming and look ridiculous


TWO – Length

This is probably the most important part of picking out the perfect peacoat; length.  The coat should fall at the bottom of the hips and hit right in the middle of the bum or just below.  Don’t make your peacoat too long because your defining shape will be lost; but don’t make it too short or you will appear extremely overweight!


Too short!



THREE – Buttoning

In my opinion, it is very important that you keep your coat buttoned to maintain the iconic peacoat look.  Just think, buttoning is definitely the secret to a great shape.  So button that baby up for a more tailored, fitted look!  Trust me, the ladies will love it! Or men! 🙂


FOURTH – Sizing

ALWAYS buy your correct size in coats!! Especially pea coats!! If not, the jacket will swallow you whole or start stretching the buttons out.  You don’t want to be busting out of your jacket do you??  Don’t think you are in a hurry and you will try it on at home because it probably fits… Most cases this IS NOT true!! Guys get home and just throw it in the closet and forget about it until it is time to make an appearance outside of the house.  By this time, it’s too late to turn back so you settle… We don’t want you to settle!! Take that extra time and try the coat on in store.  Wearing these coats incorrectly will make you look 10x larger than you really are.  Bottom line, get the correct size so you don’t look like a fool!


Peacoat Recommendations:

Tommy Hilfiger

Customer Feedback – “Solid build quality that fits very well!”

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