{How to Use Dermablend}

{How to Use Dermablend}

The new wonder makeup; Dermablend. This stuff literally can cover anything… most skin imperfections. I used to use makeup to cover my tattoos up for work, photoshoots, etc. But once I watched this crazy video, I had to get some for myself to try!


I recently had to find an easy tattoo cover up for a commercial I was acting in and had been hearing about Dermablend for years.  I finally went to Dillards and purchased my own specific kit to cover tattoos on my feet.  Just the quick test I did after my pedicure was amazing so I couldn’t imagine what my results would be if I actually gave it time to smooth and set.

Here is a quick run through on how this product actually works.

First, the before.

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Second, these were the 2 products that were made to cover tattoos on the legs & body – Primer and Leg & Body Cover.


Start out with the primer.  There are only 2 options; No. 1 and No. 2 (light and dark).  Primer is a large makeup stick that is similar to concealer.

Cover the area and blend with a sponge.  The color is definitely going to be off (as you can see in the photo below) but then you put the Leg & Body cover on and blend everything together and set.

As you can tell, just the primer did a pretty amazing job but there is some color difference.

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Lastly, you will use the Leg & Body Cover.  This looks just like liquid foundation and is applied the same way.  Place a little on a sponge and blot/blend to have smooth and equal coloring over your tattoo.

Below, is the final shot from covering my 2 tattoos up with Dermablend.  You honestly can’t even tell I have tattoos or any type of product on my feet.

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Dermablend is pretty easy to remove, but it will take a few attempts.  You can purchase the remover or you can use hand sanitizer or alcohol.  I’d recommend going over the area a few times and then using soap and water.  Dermablend covers up tattoos extremely well which means that its not going to come off in one swipe or just rinsing off in the shower.

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 Dermablend is an absolutely amazing product and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for coverup for any skin imperfections or tattoos.

One of the outtakes! Mr. Steven… Being so helpful today!

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Flats from Zara. 🙂

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