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Have you ever wanted to improve the look of your legs but don’t want to pay the price of costly surgeries or on products that, most likely, won’t work. Now you can finally give your legs an actual makeover in a few seconds with Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Leg’s Leg Makeup!

With this dilemma in mind, Sally Hansen, PRIV and I partnered up to promote an amazing product for anyone and everyone out there looking for a quick imperfection fix without having to cover up your legs. Let me introduce you to Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs; my lifesaver! The major selling point of this product was the fact that it’s extremely light weight and it doesn’t have a distracting smell, which I know we all hate! Not only does it cover imperfections but it helps stimulate microcirculation for overall healthier looking legs.

Starting April 1 through August schedule any make-up appointment with PRIV and get a FREE Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg application! And even better?? Every customer will be gifted their entire bottle to keep for future use!

If you are iffy on what color you would need, fret no more! I am extremely fair but tan pretty easily so Emily with PRIV used the Light Glow color on me. It gave me extremely smooth looking legs, which was AMAZING, covered up my scars from playing soccer for years AND I actually looked like I had a natural tan; not that orange-y glow from a spray tan. There are 6 different tones and will match everyone’s skin tone. Another thing I noticed was that after the application, Emily was easily able to rinse off the product with soap and water. And that is exactly what I did when I got home; took a shower, rinsed my legs with soap and water and I was back to pale!

This is such an easy and convenient product! Each bottle is only $12 and will last you quite a while!

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