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{February Ask Ashley} In Print

Every couple of months I get the opportunity to contribute to Austin Woman Magazine with my column, Ask Ashley.  Im sure quite a few of y’all don’t know that I am a full time, freelance wardrobe stylist in Austin and Dallas.  I have been doing editorial styling for Austin Woman Magazine for close to 3 years now and was lucky enough to be offered my own column a little over a year ago. I guess it’s been a huge hit because they asked me to keep contributing this year too!

This month’s Ask Ashley is over transitioning from your work wardrobe to evening/date night attire with a few simple changes and additions.  Check out the article below and if it is too small to read, click HERE for the digital copy of the magazine.  All outfit details and links are below the photos. Enjoy!!



Outfit Details:

Work attire:

Pants – Milly // Top – Alexander McQueen // Handbag – Prada // Shoes – Valentino

Blazer – Helmut Lang // Necklace – Panacea

Date night: 

Pants – Milly // Top – Alexander McQueen // Handbag – Tory Burch // Shoes – Christian Loouboutin

Leather Jacket – Vince // Necklace – Oscar de la Renta // Earrings – Oscar de la Renta

{Creepy Crawly} Halloween Make-up

After browsing through a few magazines and seeing all of the awesome Halloween inspired makeup and photoshoots, I decided I HAD to do one.  A few days later I had a team of models, hair, makeup and a photog. ready to go!  We shot 3 different make-up looks that are shown below!

Photographer: Annie Ray at You’re Welcome Studios

Hair and Make-up: Lorena Guadarrama and Lauren Ridings of LOLA Beauty

Models: Ashley Hargrove and Natalia Nevin

Behind the Scenes: 

Check out the awesome progression from no makeup to full hair and makeup!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

OCT 23 2014 Body Paint12647

Halloween Makeup





And the finals shots!





{House Beautiful} Behind the Scenes

I recently had the pleasure to shoot with Houston Interior Designer, Paloma Contreras for the November issue of House Beautiful. It’s on stands now, so go pick up a copy!!  Here are a few fun, behind the scenes with a shot of the 2 potential looks we had to choose from for the article.  I just LOVED that Kate Spade dress!!

We first shot at Area, a furniture store in Houston and then moved on to Tiny Boxwood’s Cafe!  That place is AMAZING! If you’re in the Houston area you definitely need to check it out and get a chocolate chip cookie! To die for.

Photog: Buff Strickland

Wardrobe Styling: DTK Austin Styling

Hair/MU: Bianca Linette

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset



And the final shots!

hbx1114 45-46 experts1,2-nextwave-lo

hbx1114 45-46 experts12-nextwave-lo

{Field & Stream} Behind the Scenes

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of shooting a spread in Field & Stream Magazine with photographer, Jeff Wilson.  This was such a fun shoot – hot as hell, but a great time!  Here are a few behind the scenes I shot (get it…) at the range!

Here’s the look:





Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

And the final product!



{Our Love Story} Behind the Scenes

Our Family – A Love Story

This shoot was such a blast to be a part of.  A photographer I have wanted to work with for a while, Jill Broussard, contacted me regarding me styling a shoot for her while she was in Austin for TX Photo Roundup.  Of course, I jumped to the occasion and quickly agreed to help her out, even with my crazy schedule.  I was supposed to style a couple for an at home picnic and thought to myself… Grayson, Steven and I could be the perfect subjects! And who doesn’t love professional couple’s photos?! Well, I can think of a few, including Grayson, but he was a trooper and we got some amazing shots!

The best part of the shoot was STEVEN!   He always steals the show and is always the life of every shoot I bring him to.  He even decided he wanted to photo bomb not one, but two of our photos!  (see below)

A HUGE thanks to Jill for capturing some amazing moments and a huge thanks to Matthew Slimmer for allowing us to take over his home for the afternoon!

Check out some of my favorites – 




I LOVE this one (above) – Check out Steven’s mouth! He wants that cherry pie!






{ESPN Magazine|Chandler Parsons} Behind the Scenes

 Saying this was a an awesome shoot is an understatement! This was one of the funnest shoots I’ve been on and I have been dying to release the photos for months now!  I had the pleasure of working with ESPN Magazine for a feature on Chandler Parsons last October in Houston.  I wasn’t sure what to expect at the time since I was driving straight into Houston to meet Chandler and his girlfriend, Robyn, to go over wardrobe options.  I have to say, it was great to meet the two of them and his personal tailor; we all hit it off and it seemed like we had known each other for years.  After shopping and digging through his amazing closet, we had some solid options!

Shoot day came around and we decided to put him in 3 different looks; a custom suit, a casual look and a super fun look shot at the Toyota Center. We went through multiple scenes and scenarios to make sure ESPN had plenty of options to choose from.  Obviously, the colorful look won; it was my fav!

Go pick up an issue today!! (It has a basketball UFO on the front)


Our team:

Photographer: Matthew Mahon

Assistant: Todd Spoth

Wardrobe Stylist: ME! 🙂


Check out the fun behind the scenes from our shoot with Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets!
















And here is the issue!!! Go get it NOW!!


{Money Magazine} Behind the Scenes

Now this was one fun shoot!  I was hoping to start this year off with a bang and I definitely did… Not only was I booked 1.5 months solid, I booked some AMAZING projects; Money Magazine, 2 Dollar Tree national commercials, T-Mobile, Dell, Build-A-Bear, etc.  I am SO grateful and excited to see what the rest of the year has in store!!  I do have a pretty awesome book idea that I might get started on pretty soon!

Here are a few behind the scenes from the Money Magazine shoot!  We got through set up, hair and make-up, 3 different set ups and 6 outfits in 3-4 hours!  This team was freakin’ awesome and I can’t wait to work with everyone again!!

photo 1


All of our approved wardrobe, shoes and accessories!

photo 2


Look #1

photo 3


Look #2!

photo 4


Look #3


photo 5

Look #4 – MY FAVORITE!!!!

And the FINAL SHOT!!! Only via Tablet right now but will be on stands next week!! Go pick up an issue and let me know what you think!



In the Know {My Stylist Kit}

Here is a first hand Look Inside a Wardrobe Stylist’s Kit! 

That kit being mine. 🙂

I get emails on a daily basis about people wanting to intern with me, work on shoots, shadow me, and even more questions about what is needed on each and every shoot.  I figured, what better time than now.  I just updated my kit and business is busier than ever so I am fully stocked with the essentials.  Keep in mind, every stylist’s kit will vary depending on the type of wardrobe styling work they do. I style more corporate advertising, commercial work + the occasional fashion spread and have listed what I need/use every day out of my styling kit.



(Not everything is shown – That would have been too much stuff!)


What’s in my kit?

First things first… You need a BAG! A sturdy one that is VERY easy to carry. I have an over the shoulder tote that holds everything and is extremely easy to carry.

A TAG GUN with plastic refills in black and clear! The most important item in my kit!

Lint Roller

Static Guard 

Lotion – Gets rid of static or if a model has dry skin.

Sewing Kit – Complete with a seam ripper.


Bandaids – I can’t tell you how many times models need these for uncomfortable shoes.

Masking Tape

Blue Painters Tape  – Used for taping the bottom of shoes.

Double Sided Tape

Gaffer Tape – Best tape to hold things in place.

Fashion Tape 

Quick Fix Tape Strips – For easy hems or holding clothing in place.

Zip Lock Bags – Great way to hold tags and receipts on set.

Sharpie – To label bags and receipts.

Protector Hoods – So you don’t get make-up on clothing.

Nipple Covers – Pasties 

Tide Pens

Wet Wipes

Shoe Horn

Rubber Bands 

Wire Ties – When you need to shorten necklaces!

Dainty Necklaces, bracelets and rings – You will always need these! Something will always be too chunky…

Different colored safety pins – For hemming pants or holding clothing in place.

Binder Clips in all sizes – When you need things to fit/look perfect!

Different color camisoles for women – VERY IMPORTANT!!! People forget camis or use if you pulled something that is too shear.

Undershirts and/or Wife Beaters for men – Men sweat a TON! Save the clothes = Save Money!

Nude Underwear and Nude Bra – I can’t tell you how many shoots I have been on where the model will be wearing light colors and they only brought black or multicolored underwear…

Panty Liners – For lingerie or bathing suit shoots.

Sweat Guards – Men sweat A LOT! And when there’s not a huge wardrobe budget and you are shooting outside, these babies come in handy.

Portable Hand Steamer – I bring this in my kit and my industrial steamer as well.

Blow Dryer – I can’t tell you how many times I needed this on set with Bounty Paper Towels or if my steamer decided to get leaky.



What else do I need on set that I can’t live without?

Industrial Steamer – I would recommend 2 of these… You never know when you will be on set and your steamer decides to stop working!

Rolling rack – Multiples at times so make sure you are prepared.

Bag of snacks and water! This is probably the most important as you won’t have time to take a break and eat on most shoots.

Comfy clothes and shoes! You will be standing constantly and walking/running around like a crazy person.

A significant amount of garment bags and hangers. I have bags and bags of hangers and garment bags at home when I get those crazy shoots with 45+ models/talent needing 20+ outfits a piece.

Iron – for those hard to get out wrinkles.


You are probably thinking, This is a TON of stuff to lug around to every shoot.  This is literally what you will need on almost every shoot you are hired for.  Keeps you in shape! 🙂