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{Black & White Floral Maxi Dress Under $80}

DTKAustin shares the most affordable black and white floral print maxi dress from Akira. Under $100 with a stunning criss-cross back it is perfect for date night.

Who else is ready for the weekend? Grayson finally has a free weekend so in addition to date night we’ve got an exciting couple of days planned filled with Lego building! I went to the Lego store today to pick up that insanely massive Millennium Falcon that cost a mere $800, but it SOLD OUT in seconds apparently. I mean, really? People were supposedly in line outside the store in the mall at 7am when the actual mall doesn’t even open until 9am. Talk about dedicated! I went into the store today to see if I could swoon my way into having them hold one for me when more came in and they totally rejected my ass. I ended up settling for the cutest BB-8 that we were going to build Saturday and then Grayson insisted on simply opening the box which led to us building the entire thing in an hour. SO, that means we will be back at the Lego store Saturday to buy even more Lego’s to keep us entertained! Does anyone else obsess over Lego’s as much as I do?? I’ll have to show y’all our Lego room one of these days!

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{Affordable Black Lace Mini Dress for Date Night}

It’s almost the weekend (hooray!) and that means date night!! Am I the only one that has trouble finding something cute yet semi-sexy to wear on a date? Seriously, the struggle is real, especially in Austin. People literally stroll into a nice restaurant in shorts and a tank top. You’ll occasionally see a couple who is actually dressed up but it’s few and far between. That makes it extremely tough to actually know what to wear for a night out when you’re wondering if you’re dressed up TOO much or too little.  It’s also a little frustrating coming from Fort Worth and Dallas where everyone dressed up super fancy for any type of outing! Seriously, even going to the grocery store. Totally guilty. Moving to Austin I got rid of so many dressy clothes because I knew I would rarely get to wear them here. People seriously look at you like you’re insane if you’re wearing super nice clothes unless you pull up in a Aston Marton, especially if you aren’t at the nicest restaurant that doesn’t warrant nice clothes.

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{How to Pull off an all Black Look For Fall}

DTKAustin is talking all about how to wear an all black outfit for the Fall and giving tips on how to wear an all black outfit in general.

Alright guys today I’m gonna talk about confidence, how to add a little bit of girl power to an edgy outfit and how to wear an all black look for Fall. Now I know since it’s already September, fall clothing is already on shelves, so you’re gonna start seeing a lot of black being worn, by me mainly! I don’t know what it is about Fall and black but its like I’m drawn towards black everything when cooler temps hit!  One of the hardest things that we as girls struggle with is maybe feeling like we look too edgy when you dress from head-to-toe in only black. Trust me y’all, rocking all black is a killer fashion statement.

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{Top 13 Outfits from August – Instagram Roundup + Giveaway}

Instagram Outfit Roundup - Favorite August Looks | Fall fashion tips | Fall outfit ideas | Fall style tips | what to wear for Fall | cold weather fashion | fashion for fall | style tips for fall | outfit ideas for fall || Dressed to Kill

Y’all… How is it already September… Is it just me or did this year completely fly by? I don’t know if it was because I was out of commission for months after my shoulder surgery but the months wen’t by quicker than the blink of an eye. I’m not super thrilled about that either! Life needs to slow down… Well, as another month comes and goes another Instagram roundup arrives. This post has my top 13 outfits from August all in one place with info on pricing, sizing and why I love each one. And Steven’s tee-pee photo makes 14 (my fave number)!

I know quite a few of y’all aren’t signed up for so this gives you the opportunity to shop my favorite, still in-stock looks. Did you know, you can also shop ALL of my Instagram posts from my website directly at

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{Black Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Romper from Chicwish}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin is sharing this Chicwish black off-the-shoulder romper with fabulous ruffle detailing. Under $100 and the perfect piece to transition into Fall with a cute pair of OTK, over-the-knee boots. Click for more details and photos.

Is it Friday yet? As I am writing this post I am currently getting stared down by 5 hungry dogs wondering where their dinner is… Four large dogs + tiny Steven that all want their dinner at 4:45pm. I guess I’ll be putting this post on hold yet again today until their appetites are satisfied! If I haven’t mentioned, I am house sitting and watching my dad + step mom’s four search & rescue dogs. Talk about time consuming! It’s like I have 4 large kids that only want to play and can only whine when they need something. Not to mention, Steven… the antagonist! They are all extremely intelligent but definitely know how to push my buttons to get what they want. We’ve had sunbathing time about 8 times today! Alright, alright, enough dog talk… If you want to keep that going just go to my Instagram and watch my Stories! 🙂

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{My Life as an Instagram Husband – Written by Grayson}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin's husband is spilling the beans on what it's like being an Instagram Husband and being married to a fashion blogger and stylist. | anniversary photo ideas | styling for an anniversary shoot | anniversary photo shoot fashion tips | what to wear for an anniversary photo shoot | how to style a maxi dress | couples fashion | his and her summer fashion || Dressed to Kill

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ashley’s husband, Grayson and I’m an Instagram Husband. For those that don’t know me, that’s a scary realization considering the type of person I am. I was born in Austin, TX to two successful yet very hippie parents. I’ve played professional paintball for the past 11 years and have been playing the sport over half my life. I work at a local hedge fund as a trader and write automated algorithms to trade on my behalf. 5 years ago, could I imagine I would be helping my wife run a successful Instagram page and blog based on women’s fashion? Hell no. I didn’t (and still don’t) have a stylish bone in my body, let alone know how to work a fancy camera. My style growing up was changing into the clothes I’d wear to school the night before so I didn’t have to worry about it in the morning. As I sit here writing this, I’m at work in a RATM (Rage Against the Machine) shirt with chlorine stains on it and the same grey shorts I’ve worn the past 3 days. Somehow over the course of the past 5 years, I would learn how to shoot a fancy camera, learn all the names of fancy shoe designers and realize purses could cost as much as cars. Without further ado, here’s the one way my life has drastically changed since I married Ashley (who I will no refer to as @dtkaustin from here on out).

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{Steve Madden OTK Boots for Under $100}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin shares her top shoe picks from the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Flats, heels, boots and booties are all included along with these Steve Madden Over the Knee boots and BlankNYC black jacket. | how to style over the knee boots | how to wear over the knee boots | OTK boot style ideas | OTK boot fashion tips | fashion tips for fall | fall style ideas | how to wear OTK boots || Dressed to Kill

If you’re still in the market for an affordable yet chic pair of classic black OTK boots then look no further. These Steve Madden’s fit the bill for staying on budget and they are extremely high quality for being under $100. I’ve had issues with some over-the-knee boots being too loose or too tight on my legs and these fit perfect. I opted to show these boots with a pair of cutoff shorts since it’s still so dang hot in Texas but one of my favorite looks is to wear OTKs with cute shorts and tops! There was still plenty of room to throw these on with a pair of skinny jeans though, so don’t worry!!

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{Best of May Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Is it just me or are the months flying by this year? I feel like it should be March or April right now; not June… As most of y’all have seen on Instagram, Grayson and I were finally able to get away and head to Tulum for a week. Talk about relaxing! I am slowly rolling out those posts on Instagram and have added a few of my favorites to this roundup! Keep an eye out for some fun, beach blog posts coming out this week! I’m so excited to share this trip with y’all!! Quite a few of y’all have been asking me questions about where we stayed and what we did so I will be outlining everything for y’all!

 I know quite a few of y’all aren’t signed up for so this gives you the opportunity to shop my favorite, still in-stock looks. Did you know, you can also shop ALL of my Instagram posts from my website directly at

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{Why Zappos is my go-to for Online Shopping}

This post is sponsored by Zappos. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Has anyone else noticed that online shopping has almost completely monopolized the retail market? I mean, to the point of large retailers being forced to close their brick & mortars. With the rise of e-commerce and digital influencers promoting specific products it’s no surprise that more people are opting to shop online, from the comfort of their own home. Even I absolutely cringe at the thought of having to drive all the way to a store, look around, not try it all on, purchase it and then get home only to realize half the stuff I bought didn’t even fit! So time consuming and not something I want to waste my day doing. Time is the most important luxury in life so why waste it?

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{Best of April Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Talk about being a little behind! May is FLYING by and I haven’t even been able to get my April Instagram round-up posted until now. Thankfully, I have a somewhat good excuse for not having as many posts up this month; WORK. May has already been slammed with commercial work and I surprised my dad with a trip to Vegas to watch the Supercross finals for his birthday! We got back super late last night and I’ve been busting a move to try and get this post ready since it’s almost the middle of May.

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