{Target’s Best Kept Gift-Card Secret}

Who else has a love/hate relationship with Target? You know, that problem where you go in needing a toothbrush and toothpaste and leave $300 later?? I seriously can’t remember the last time I left Target without spending at least $100… When I tell Grayson we need to go to Target, I see a slight fear in his eye because he knows we’ll be there at least an hour, NOT shopping for what we came for! He’s such a trooper! HA! We’re venturing out to Target in a few hours… I’ll keep you posted on if I actually stayed on track and get my toothbrush and toothpaste…and snacks… and another button down… and what else can I think of that I need?!

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{10 Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Valentine’s Day}

Who else out there isn't a huge fan of Valentine's?? Read all about why it's not my favorite holiday!

I know I’ve been talking all about hot dates and what to wear for Valentine’s, but I have to be honest… I really can’t stand the stereotype of V-Day! At least to me, I feel that too many people have lost focus about what Valentine’s is really about. Lately, when I grace my favorite place to waste money (Target) I am taken aback by the mass amount of pink and red hearts, V-Day cards, lots and lots of chocolate and an overwhelming amount of roses. Has this “holiday” just become a huge racket for companies to rip us off and make money with the illusion of love?? How did it get to this point?? What happened to just being happy with the one you love without going overboard spending money?? Why is there so much pressure to be overly loving on this one day when we should be focused on each other everyday??
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{What to Wear for Valentine’s Day – Outfit Ideas for Everyone}

DTKAustin shares what to wear for Valentine's Day. Whether you want red, lace or something classic check out these Valentine's day outfit options.

Is anyone else blown away that January is almost over… This year is literally going to be over in the blink of an eye and I can’t say that I’m pleased! 🙁 Now that Valentine’s is upon us, it’s time to start planning for that perfect date night look or the perfect look for staying in! Let’s start out with the obvious… Did anyone notice anything different with this post?? Could it be that I am wearing RED?! Now, more importantly, who else is still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit? If that person would be you then keep reading! Continue Reading

{48 Hours in New Orleans}

Planning a trip to New Orleans? DTKAustin has you covered with all of the hotspots and restaurants!

Grayson and I recently visited New Orleans for the first time courtesy of refinery29 and Hotel Indigo. It was such a whirlwind trip that we literally booked it right before Thanksgiving and left the day after the holidays for a quick, 48 hour getaway. Since we didn’t have much time to spend in NOLA we definitely had to make the most of it. Whether you’re staying for the weekend or longer, here’s my must see guide to guarantee a great time in New Orleans.
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{Shoulder Surgery Update}

By now, most of you all know that I had major shoulder surgery a week ago and I wanted to give everyone an update on what they found, fixed and how I am doing. I’ve also included some really helpful tips and tricks to help if you have to go through something similar, which I hope you don’t! It’s definitely been one of the toughest recoveries so far and I’m still only 6 days in! Continue Reading

{How to Layer on a Budget with Nordstrom}

DTKAustin shows how to layer a cami with a knit cardigan and OTK boots for a cozy winter look. Click through for more outfit ideas!

Anyone who lives in the south knows that layering is a must when “winter” hits. How are we supposed to dress cute when the high is going to be in the 80s all week with a low in the 40s?? Even for me, it is a daily struggle trying to figure out what exactly to wear when our weather is all over the place. I’ve partnered with Nordstrom today to show you all how we can easily look stylish and put together when the weather is all over the place!

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{Shoulder Surgery Here I Come}

To say this week has been hectic and stressful is an understatement. As most of you know from Instagram or Facebook I am having shoulder surgery Friday so I’ve been a little MIA trying to plan out my life for the next 2+ months while I will be out of commission. I really thought I was going to be so on top of things once this surgery got scheduled; I planned to make lists and get organized to get posts out, shoot content and just get my life in order because I literally won’t be able to care for myself for quite sometime. Thankfully, I have an amazing mom who is coming in for an entire week to make sure I am taken care of!

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{Is a Capsule Wardrobe for You?}

DTKAustin shows you how to achieve a capsule wardrobe with basics.

When I first heard about capsule wardrobes a few years ago I thought it was such an inventive idea for people who wanted to declutter their lives. So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? It would be described as a compact wardrobe made up of specific staple pieces in neutral or similar color tones. A capsule wardrobe is normally comprised of 30 items or fewer which includes everything from clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. It is essentially a fool proof way to get dressed on a daily basis.

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{Affordable Sweaters from Chicwish}

Ashley of DTKAustin is wearing a Chicwish Ivory open back sweater, a Gigi New York cross body bag, Steve Madden heels and Articles of Society Denim in Austin.

Are you sweater obsessed? Me too! It’s to the point I just stock up for photos… Am I the only person that does this?? Grayson literally thinks I’m crazy! I have piles and piles of sweaters and he’s like seriously, Ashley, you NEVER wear any of these! But honey… They make amazing photo props or what if we go somewhere really cold and I need to pack ALL of my sweaters?! There ARE definitely a handful that I wear  on a daily basis in the winter and the sweater in this post is definitely one of my faves.

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{Affordable Winter Coat Everyone Needs}

Ashley of DTKAustin is wearing a Chicwish coat with Lace up pumps from Revolve and a Gigi New York Tote.

For someone who lives in Texas where it never truly gets THAT cold, I sure own a TON of coats! I’ll be that crazy person when its 85 degrees (like yesterday) I’ll be bundled up like the snow-pacolypse is coming! True story. It’s so embarrassing because I have an ungodly amount of winter clothing that I rarely even get to wear and when summer rolls around I’m like, where the hell are all of my warm weather clothes?! The struggle is real!

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