{Best of March Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Hello, April! Who’s ready to shop the best of the best outfits from March? TONS of my best selling looks from the past month are linked with ready to shop links! I wanted to gather a round up of my top looks from March. I have posted each photo with a shoppable scroller underneath. All you have to do is scroll through and then click on an item that you want to shop. If you are looking for anything in particular feel free to leave a comment or send me a message and I will try and help you locate it. ☺️

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{Laser/Ultrasonic Liposuction with Novopelle}

DTKAustin shares her experience with ultrasonic laser liposuction from Novopelle. Click for an amazing video on the entire process!

By now, most of you are very aware that I had major shoulder surgery in January of this year. With that came the realization that I wouldn’t be able to work out for months… Even after a little over 2 months, I’m still not cleared to work out. I tried to go for a run last weekend and made it a mile and was majorly paying for it over the next week. So I’m back to doing minimal walking and trying to eat healthy. Who knew my body would literally start packing on the pounds in places I never saw cellulite… Talk about depressing. Since I’m not able to do much to get in shape I reached out to Novopelle about their Novo Lipo, or Ultrasonic Lipo to see if they could help with some minimal fat reduction in areas that just wouldn’t get toned.

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{Best Denim for Spring Under $100}

DTKAustin shares her favorite denim picks for spring and summer that are all under $100. Think cutoff shorts, denim, skirts and chambray dresses all affordable! Click for more info and shopping details.

Denim addicted is an understatement. When spring and summer roll around I live in cutoff shorts and anything off the shoulder. This spring, I’ve partnered with Nordstrom to share all of my favorite types of denim all under $100. Get ready for shorts, jeans, denim skirts and chambray dresses galore. What’s even better than that, is they won’t break the bank and leave you penniless. Sounds dangerous, right?? To that hardcore shopper, that means we can buy even more since were getting such great deals! 😜 Am I right, or am I right? I can tell you first hand, that I have purchased 6 of the items I have in my collage below.

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{Bell Sleeved Beauty}

Ashley of DTK Austin shares her favorite summer bell-sleeved top from Chicwish with a Henri Bendel tote. Click for more information and photos of the perfect summer outfit.

Happy Wednesday! Who else is beyond excited this week is almost over? It has been one stressful week and I’m ready for a major refresh this weekend. I desperately wish I had time to go on a vacation because I don’t think I’ve needed one more than ever at this point. I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on. Isn’t it so annoying when people say something is wrong but then they never actually tell anyone? Anyway, I am currently wondering if having shoulder surgery was a good idea. Obviously, I needed it or I would have extreme issues in the future but this recovery process is HELL. Not anything like I had expected. Being overdramatic isn’t even the case and I wish it was. I dread going to my surgeon to hear that I’ve made no progress, only to get painful injections and more PT that isn’t helping. It’s now looking like I will have to go back under anesthesia for the surgeon to manipulate my arm to try and fix the axillary nerve damage and break up all of the scar tissue that has built up from being so immobile. It’s a never ending cycle of being in pain! Not fun.

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{Most Coveted Easter Dresses}

Ashley of DTKAustin has rounded up her favorite dresses for all of your Easter festivities and Easter church service. Click for more images and details to be the best dressed.

Easter is right around the corner and for those of us who haven’t even started thinking about what to wear, I’m here to help. I have rounded up my favorite dresses for Easter Sunday and all of the family festivities you may be getting yourself into. Every time I think of Easter I am always brought back to when I was a kid, in a girly easter dress with my Easter egg basket ready to go hunt for eggs. Life was much simpler back then, wasn’t it!? It’s been years since I have actually been with my family on Easter, which makes me sad to think about. Gosh, how I miss those days! I’d say it’s about time to start my own little family to create these memorable traditions with, just how I remembered it as a kid. (Don’t get too excited, mom! That’s not happening anytime soon!)

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{My Gentle Fawn Spring Must Haves}

DTKAustin shares her three favorite outfits for Spring with Gentle Fawn. Maxi dresses, dusters, and summer whites are on my Spring agenda. Click for more details!

TGIF, friends! Spring is here and that means it’s time to start shopping for warm weather looks.  In celebration of this gorgeous weather, I’m sharing 3 of my most coveted, affordable Spring looks with Gentle Fawn that won’t break the bank. Speaking of gorgeous weather, Texas has apparently decided that we didn’t need Spring and has moved right on into summer temps. It’s been upper 80s and low 90s the past few weeks! I can’t say I’m not enjoying it but that really scares me to think of how hot our summer is going to be… It’s not looking good.

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{Funding a Child’s Education with ESPEROS Leather Bags}

As much as I love fashion and partnering with different brands there really aren’t too many that actually make the base of their company all about giving back to the community or even partnering with charities all around the world. When I get the chance to work with a company that gives back, I jump at the opportunity. I’m excited to introduce you all to ESPEROS, a company that believes education is the key to overcoming the cycle of poverty and that it should be available to everyone. To help make this vision a reality, ESPEROS creates stylish, functional, and durable products. With every product sold, they will fund one year of education for children in the developing world.

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{Instagram Roundup of my SXSW Outfits}

My gosh, what a whirlwind of a week. Like I had mentioned in my SXSW Survival Guide, it never gets any easier! After 8 years of attending SX you’d think I would be a pro at being out non-stop but with work, trying to stay healthy and then getting older I’m wanting to go to bed at 10am! This week was made even more difficult as most of you saw from my Instagram Stories. Everyone obviously knows I had shoulder surgery and haven’t been making much progress due to some major nerve issues so my surgeon suggested a steroid injection to help get things loosened up so my shoulder would move more. Long story short, that was hell and I was in mega pain the next 2 days while I was out and about for SX. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to get up extremely early to go to PT Thursday and Friday before heading out for the days events! So being tired was an understatement! I definitely had an absolute blast and am actually sad it’s already over!! Until next year, right?

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{How to Stay Comfortable at a Festival + a Giveaway}

Is it next week yet?? I always forget how intense SXSW is until I’m enthralled in the festivities! It’s day 4 for me and I’ve got 3 more long days to go. Wish me luck! I know I did a survival guide post on how to make it through SXSW but I really wanted to do a post on what people should be wearing as it’s currently fresh on my mind. There’s no better time to actually get this post up than the present! Plus I wanted to show off my favorite and comfiest look from SX so far! I’ll be sure to do a recap of what I wore once this week/weekend is over! That’s if I am still alive after that! HA!

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{Must-Have White Blouse for Spring}

DTKAustin shares her favorite summer outfit. Chicwish top, American eagle cut off shorts, Frye shoes and tote. Click for more details on the perfect summer look!

Well, so much for summer temps in Austin! As much as I had hoped the 80-90 degree weather would stay in our forecast, good things apparently have to come to an end. Insert sad face. I do have to say I am somewhat disappointed that it is now in the 40s and raining considering it is SXSW where thousands and thousands of people come to Austin to be outside! Saturday was my first official day of SXSW and it was MISERABLE! Obviously fun to be around my friends, but cold and rainy! YUCK! It was literally 50 degrees and pouring outside. Parking was such a nightmare that my friend and I had to pay to park, walk in the mud and go to events in the rain, while wearing suede shoes. No bueno!! Thankfully, the week ahead looks partly sunny and in the 60s. I’ll take it!

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