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{White Lace Summer Dress with Chicwish}

DTKAustin shares a gorgeous white, lace dress from Chicwish that is perfect for Spring and Summer. Under $62 and perfect for every occasion. Click for more information and photos!

How is everyone’s week going? Hooray we’re almost to Friday! This week has been one of my most relaxing in quite some time. I’ve had a little break from work, the shoulder is feeling a little better and I’ve been able to sleep in some! Talk about rare and absolutely amazing!! Makes me miss my younger years where I could sleep until 11am without having a care in the world or any responsibilities for that matter! What are y’alls plans for the weekend?? Austin is apparently getting a cold front later in the weekend and we’ll be back in the 40s-50s… JOY! There is absolutely no way I’m pulling all of my winter wear back out of storage. I’m thinking I’ll just stay in bed and snuggle with Mr. Steven to keep me warm! ☺️

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{Another Day, Another White Top}

DTKAustin shares one of the most affordable summer looks to keep you cute and cool. This seersucker top from Nordstrom is amazing with a pair of cutoff shorts. Click for more information and shopping details.

If you live in Texas you know that minimal clothing is ideal during the summer. So how does one achieve cuteness without sweating one’s ass off? If you guys haven’t noticed by now I have been living in cutoff shorts and white tops. My Instagram and all of my blog posts are literally all starting to look the same at this point. But hey, when you find something you love wearing buy multiples! That is exactly how I feel about anything white and off-the-shoulder. Not only is it breathable but it doesn’t attract the sun like my normal, go-to black on black on black outfits! Now don’t get me wrong. I am still sporting black athleisure on a daily basis but I really don’t think anyone would enjoy seeing me in the same black leggings, black Nike’s and black tank tops every single day.

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{Why Diamond’s Are This Girl’s Best Friend}

DTKAustin is sharing why Simon G is her go-to company for diamond jewelry. Click for more information and photos.

Is it any surprise that diamonds are a girls best friend? No matter the shape or size, diamonds are always something we (ladies) will cherish forever, unless it’s your wedding ring from an ex-husband! 😜 On a more serious note, diamonds are something that represent love and beauty, and who doesn’t love that? When I first heard of Simon G and saw their pieces I instantly fell in love. They have been such a prominent brand in the diamond industry and I am so excited to share some amazing finds with y’all! I definitely had a princess moment going in and picking out two of my most coveted pieces to shoot and share with all of my wonderful readers.

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{Spring Favorites with Chelsea28}

DTKAustin shares one of her favorite spring and summer looks from Nordstrom. White distressed denim and a pink silk top make the perfect outfit. Click for more details and photos!

Did anyone catch my stories last week when I posted this top?? I accidentally shut my giant bell-sleeve in the car door. Quickly realizing what I had done, I open the door and the entire sleeve is covered with black and clear grease… FML, did I really do this on a silk top that I had only worn for ten minutes?! I immediately did some Googling for solutions in getting grease out of silk. One way was putting dish soap on the stain and letting it sit for hours and then rinsing. Ta-da! To my surprise, it actually worked and the top looked good as new! I just knew that it was done for when I saw how bad it was!

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{The Stylish Side of the BMW i3}

DTKAustin shares a recent photoshoot with Cody Hamilton and an electric BMW i3. Click for more photos and info.

A fashion editorial or commercial shoot isn’t all about the clothing but the entire photo as a whole. This orange BMW i3 was the perfect prop for this conceptual shoot with one of my photographer friends, Cody Hamilton. I rarely talk about any of my commercial styling jobs on this blog but since I actually modeled in this one I figured I could give a little insight into what all goes into a shoot like this from the photographers point of view to the styling side. This was shot about two years ago and I’m just now getting around to posting it solely because I added it on Facebook and people seemed to love it! HA!

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{Best of March Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Hello, April! Who’s ready to shop the best of the best outfits from March? TONS of my best selling looks from the past month are linked with ready to shop links! I wanted to gather a round up of my top looks from March. I have posted each photo with a shoppable scroller underneath. All you have to do is scroll through and then click on an item that you want to shop. If you are looking for anything in particular feel free to leave a comment or send me a message and I will try and help you locate it. ☺️

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{Best Denim for Spring Under $100}

DTKAustin shares her favorite denim picks for spring and summer that are all under $100. Think cutoff shorts, denim, skirts and chambray dresses all affordable! Click for more info and shopping details.

Denim addicted is an understatement. When spring and summer roll around I live in cutoff shorts and anything off the shoulder. This spring, I’ve partnered with Nordstrom to share all of my favorite types of denim all under $100. Get ready for shorts, jeans, denim skirts and chambray dresses galore. What’s even better than that, is they won’t break the bank and leave you penniless. Sounds dangerous, right?? To that hardcore shopper, that means we can buy even more since were getting such great deals! 😜 Am I right, or am I right? I can tell you first hand, that I have purchased 6 of the items I have in my collage below.

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{Bell Sleeved Beauty}

Ashley of DTK Austin shares her favorite summer bell-sleeved top from Chicwish with a Henri Bendel tote. Click for more information and photos of the perfect summer outfit.

Happy Wednesday! Who else is beyond excited this week is almost over? It has been one stressful week and I’m ready for a major refresh this weekend. I desperately wish I had time to go on a vacation because I don’t think I’ve needed one more than ever at this point. I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on. Isn’t it so annoying when people say something is wrong but then they never actually tell anyone? Anyway, I am currently wondering if having shoulder surgery was a good idea. Obviously, I needed it or I would have extreme issues in the future but this recovery process is HELL. Not anything like I had expected. Being overdramatic isn’t even the case and I wish it was. I dread going to my surgeon to hear that I’ve made no progress, only to get painful injections and more PT that isn’t helping. It’s now looking like I will have to go back under anesthesia for the surgeon to manipulate my arm to try and fix the axillary nerve damage and break up all of the scar tissue that has built up from being so immobile. It’s a never ending cycle of being in pain! Not fun.

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{Most Coveted Easter Dresses}

Ashley of DTKAustin has rounded up her favorite dresses for all of your Easter festivities and Easter church service. Click for more images and details to be the best dressed.

Easter is right around the corner and for those of us who haven’t even started thinking about what to wear, I’m here to help. I have rounded up my favorite dresses for Easter Sunday and all of the family festivities you may be getting yourself into. Every time I think of Easter I am always brought back to when I was a kid, in a girly easter dress with my Easter egg basket ready to go hunt for eggs. Life was much simpler back then, wasn’t it!? It’s been years since I have actually been with my family on Easter, which makes me sad to think about. Gosh, how I miss those days! I’d say it’s about time to start my own little family to create these memorable traditions with, just how I remembered it as a kid. (Don’t get too excited, mom! That’s not happening anytime soon!)

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{My Gentle Fawn Spring Must Haves}

DTKAustin shares her three favorite outfits for Spring with Gentle Fawn. Maxi dresses, dusters, and summer whites are on my Spring agenda. Click for more details!

TGIF, friends! Spring is here and that means it’s time to start shopping for warm weather looks.  In celebration of this gorgeous weather, I’m sharing 3 of my most coveted, affordable Spring looks with Gentle Fawn that won’t break the bank. Speaking of gorgeous weather, Texas has apparently decided that we didn’t need Spring and has moved right on into summer temps. It’s been upper 80s and low 90s the past few weeks! I can’t say I’m not enjoying it but that really scares me to think of how hot our summer is going to be… It’s not looking good.

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