{The New Do}

{The New Do}

By now, most of y’all know I got another itch to chop my long locks off and actually went through with it this time. A whopping 9″ was cut off, plus a little more in the back! Every time I would head to the salon for my very predictable cut and color, I would always rave about wanting to cut my hair shorter. NOT short, but shorter! And overtime, I would chicken out and just do a quick trim.

The only way to make a major change is in the hands of renowned talent! I walked into the new and improved Bella Salon yesterday and told my friend and stylist, Tiffany, it was finally time to go through and cut it off! I really wanted something new and fresh. My hair has been outrageously long for the past 10 years and it was finally time for a change. Most of y’all know that I literally can’t do anything with my hair because it is so soft and fine, which means I can only wear it straight. It blow dries that straight everyday and will NEVER hold a curl. So instead of having long, luscious locks for Fall, I chopped it all off before the winter time!

Check out some of my fun behind the scenes photos of the chop chop! You can’t really tell how much was cut off until you put up a side-by-side of how long my hair was before. All of the photos I have sent to friends and family all get the same response…It’s still SO long!!! Did you not cut anything off?? And then I send the below photo… And then I get the Holy shit, I didn’t realize your hair was so long! Indeed it was… For the past 10 years! haha!


Hair Back

A little bit about Bella Salon – Quite a few of my friends already go here but if you are in need of a new do and want to try a new salon, check them out and ask for Tiffany! She was an absolutely PRO and she has been the only one I have trusted with my hair since I have been in Austin.  Not only are they under new ownership, the entire place has gone under a complete remodel. I was blown away when I walked in!! They even have a new logo AND are now open 7 days a week!! What more could you ask for! LOVE THEM!


Hair cut


And now the picture that says it ALL! Tiffany is beyond excited and my face is just priceless… What the hell have I done…



Hair cut1

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