{16 Affordable Statement Earrings for Summer}

{16 Affordable Statement Earrings for Summer}

If y’all haven’t noticed by now, I’m not much of a jewelry girl at all. When I was younger I was that girl with all of the huge statement rings on, huge necklaces and tons of David Yurman bracelets stacked up my arm. It almost seems like I quit the jewelry game cold turkey 7-8 years ago. These days, I find myself only wearing a watch and a pair of fabulous statement earrings. Maybe, just maybe, I will thrown on a dainty necklace or ring stack to accessorize.

I definitely like keeping things simple in the jewelry department. My style is so minimal I just hate over-accessorizing. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful outfit on someone that has been completely ruined by too much tacky jewelry! 🤣  I’ve really started focusing on finding one or two pieces that will really make my wardrobe pop. Whether it be a fun handbag, shoes or statement earrings.

As much as I like to invest in my shoes and bags, I find it hard to invest in multiple statement earrings for a season. I feel like statement pieces are so trendy, the styles come and go so fast. You’ll wear them one season and by the next they’re already old news. Baublebar is really the only jewelry company I have had good luck with in styles staying relevant and fun. After my recent closet clean-out its no surprise that the only statement earrings in my jewelry box are from Baublebar.

So, in honor of summer and always looking fabulous, I’ve rounded up my top 16 statement earrings below! Click on an image below to shop.

Baublebar Statement Earrings

Summer make-up routine coming soon

I’ve also had a few questions in regards to how I get my natural, summer make-up look. I have linked everything I use below in the scroller! I am going to start working on a blog post on what I use, why I use it and why I love each item. By now, y’all know I have bad melasma and need the best of the best products to cover my hyper-pigmentation.

16 Affordable Statement Earrings for Summer by popular Austin fashion blog, Dressed to Kill: close up image of a women in a straw sunhat, white lace top with plunging neck and Baublebar ice cream statement earrings.

What summer statement earrings are you currently love?  Share in a comment below!


  1. July 5, 2019 / 2:00 pm

    Bauble Bar earrings are so cute and they look so fun while still being timeless. I’m not the biggest fan of jewelry either and I used to be a HUGE jewelry girl when I was younger too. I feel like over time I started realizing I hated the feeling of jewelry dangling on my neck or wrists and don’t even get me started on rings. I think earrings are something I can easily get away with because I don’t feel them as much if that makes sense, so it’s something I love to invest in to make my outfits look more put together.

    • July 5, 2019 / 5:45 pm

      YES!! You and I have the same exact feelings on jewelry!!

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