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Another day, another striped outfit. But who doesn’t love an amazing striped dress that is actually affordable? I know we are all anxiously awaiting the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, BUT it’s literally all pre-fall… And last time I checked, it’s still 100 degrees here, so I’m all about shopping for summer clothes still!

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Hello, peek-a-boo LACE! One of my favorite trends, that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon, is a great lace top, dress, or in this case, a lace set! I know y’all are probably so sick of me posting this outfit, but it is seriously one of my favorites!

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{Blush Pink}

Who else is obsessed with the Pantone color of the year?? I’m normally not one for pink but I cant get enough of this gorgeous neutral. I purchased this high-low maxi dress last year at Target and never new it would be such a HOT color!! I have linked some amazing maxi dress options below for all of you ladies who are in the market for a blush pink dress!

This color is the perfect neutral and an easy transition from winter to fall.  Just not that into pink?? Throw a leather jacket or scarf over the dress so it breaks up all of the pink color! As most of you have seen, I’m not much for pink either but can definitely tolerate this gorgeous color with a few other neutrals mixed in. Still not convinced you can pull pink off?? Throw some badass shoes with it so people are more focused on the amazing shoes than the pink dress!

Outfit Details:

Dress – Target (Similar HERE and HERE) // Clutch – Vince

Jacket – Joie (Similar HERE and HERE)

Shoes – ASOS // Bracelets – David Yurman and John Hardy

Sunglasses – Gucci

{Ghost Town}

I still can’t believe it is already 2016! And mid January, at that! Is this year going to go by just as fast as 2015?? I’m hoping not…

This was one of my last shoots of 2015, and boy was it a crazy one! We were headed back from Mammoth and had seen this old ghost town on the drive up there. Grayson and I thought it would be such a fun place to try and shoot an outfit if we had time on the drive back to LA.  As we start to make the long trek back we literally creep on every town that looks overly rundown and desolate. We finally found the perfect one that had 5-6 old houses fenced off with Private Property signs. This place was literally right off the highway so fingers crossed no one felt like reporting us. We walked around the entire place trying to find the perfect area to shoot and definitely found some interesting stuff going on there! Not only were there old clothes, bed sheets and just crap in general, there were water leaks, broken glass, and fallen down walls EVERYWHERE! It was pretty sketch. But we shot long enough to get some good photos until cars started pulling up and watching us… Talk about creepy!!

It was such a blast and a fun story to be able to tell! And I had the perfect coat from SheIn to shoot! I think it was the absolute perfect look for this location.

Tan Coat

Outfit Details:

Coat – SheIn // Boots – Frye

Sweater – Neiman Marcus Cashmere (Similar HERE)

Boot Cuffs – Royal Scout (Similar HERE) // Jeans – AYR

Sunglasses – Gucci (Similar HERE) // Beanie – Target (Similar HERE)


HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!

How was everyone’s holidays? We headed up to Mammoth Lakes on Christmas to spend a few days in the snow! If you didn’t noticed from my previous Instagram photos, I LOVE the snow! Like giddy child, love the snow! I used to go to Colorado multiple times a year as a kid and young adult to hike, mountain bike and ski. It’s been a while since I have actually been in tons of snow! Mammoth was dumped on the week prior to us coming so it was perfect and even snowed on us the day we got there. We don’t get any snow in Austin so any chance I have for a white Christmas; count me in!

I finally got to bundle up and be a frozen snow bunny! The day before we left for this trip I found the cutest fur trimmed hooded jacket at Banana Republic that was on sale and then 50% off of that!! PSSTTTT… They’re sale is still going on!

Outfit Details:

Jacket – Banana Republic (Similar HERE) // Beanie – Forever 21

Boots – Burberry (Similar HERE) // Scarf – Forever 21

Sunglasses – Gucci (Similar HERE) // Jeans – H&M


GUYS! I can’t believe Christmas is tomorrow. Who else think the holidays got here WAY too fast?? It feels like summer was yesterday! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year surrounded by your family and friends.

Grayson and I decided to pack up and head to California to see my family and then head up to the mountains in Mammoth for a little Christmas snowboarding! Can’t wait to be back up in the snow since we get absolutely 0 in Texas. Speaking of no snow in Texas, it is literally 80 degrees right now!! :/ No dreaming of a white Christmas there!

I do remember one year about 6-7 years ago and it actually snowed a ton ON Christmas Day in Fort Worth! It was so magical and fun being surrounded by family, cozied up next to the fire while it snows outside.

Enough of me rambling!! I wanted to post a super cute dress that I found at H&M that is perfect for winter and spring! Not only can you make this cute dress a little dressier, but you can also make it quite casual in the summer as well. Extremely versatile and it is extremely comfortable! And the best OTK boots are on sale for $157!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone!!

Outfit Details:

Dress – H&M // Tights – Spanx

Boots – Sam Edelman (ON SALE for $157!)

Sunglasses – Gucci (Similar HERE) // Necklace – H&M


I can’t believe Christmas is next week… How did it get here so fast?? Have I been that busy!? I haven’t even shopped for gifts yet!! Thankfully, I have all weekend to get that done and will definitely be taking advantage of this ONE day off I have!

In the meantime, I wanted to share my love for these jeans I have on! I am big on amazing jeans and if they don’t fit right you wont see me in them at all! So, if you ever see me posting jeans, you know they’re amazing and totally worth it!! This particular pair is from Cult of Individuality and fits AMAZING. I will tell you straight if I dislike a pair and these are the perfect softness and aren’t too thick or stiff. Perfect in my book!!

They are also giving away one $2K gift card to use on their online shop! All you have to do is follow CULT on Instagram in order to enter –

Oh, and how great are these shoes from Sole Society?! PERFECT for New Years!!! Not too tall and not too short. They are the most comfy shoes I think I own!

Outfit Details:

Sweater – Forever 21 // Jeans – Cult of Individuality

Shoes – Sole Society // Sunglasses – Gucci (Similar HERE)

Bag – Chanel (Similar HERE) // Scarf – Zara (Similar HERE)

{Black + Grey}

The best thing about Austin is the lack of dressing up. Coming from Fort Worth, this was quite a shock since we would dress up just to go to the grocery store! My day-to-day consists of working and errands the majority of the time so comfort is definitely key. This look is literally what I am wearing on a daily basis. The key for me is comfortable, light weight, layered clothes with shoes I can walk around in everyday. This is my uniform! So, if you ever see me out and about in Austin, I will definitely be in the most casual outfit possible. Everything posted below is extremely affordable and will keep you comfy ALL day long!

Outfit Details:

Beanie – Phase 3 // Scarf – BP

Tee – Sun & Shadow // Jacket – LAmade

Jeans – AG // Booties – Vince Camuto (Similar)

Bag – Street Level // Sunglasses – Gucci

Bracelets – Loren Hope

{The Hotel Emma}

Photo by Nicole Franzen

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of staying at the most gorgeous hotel EVER; The Hotel Emma. Believe it or not, I am definitely not over exaggerating. The attention to detail in this hotel was out of this world.  The hotel kept the majority of the original buildings bones and characteristics, but that’s all I am going to say! You need to see this place for yourself! I can’t say enough good things about it!

Here’s a brief intro to the hotel – 

The hotel is named in honor of Emma Koehler, a towering figure in Pearl history. Emma ran the brewery after her husband and Pearl president Otto Koehler died in 1914. She was an ingenious CEO who kept the brewery going during Prohibition by converting operations to dry cleaning and auto repair, and making near beer, ice cream and soda. While other breweries were shutting down, Emma kept her entire workforce employed. She turned over control of the company to a nephew in 1933, but was a formidable presence at the brewery until her death in 1947.

And now, on to the outfit photos!!

Not only was this hotel gorgeous on the inside and out, there were so many great photoshoot opportunities! A massive cold front had blown in the evening we were staying and the next morning was overly chilly and rainy.  Thankfully, I actually packed a few warm pieces like my ever-so-soft blanket scarf and beanie!! If you haven’t noticed already, I can’t live without a beanie in the winter!!

Outfit Details:

Beanie – Grace & Lace // Sweater – H&M

Scarf – Grace & Lace // Jeans – H&M

Booties – Coach // Sunglasses – Gucci

Earrings – Baublebar

{Forever 21}

You can imagine my excitement when Forever 21 reached out to me and wanted to collaborate! I don’t think I could have said yes any quicker! If you’re not familiar yet, Forever 21 is launching a new Instagram based shopping experience called Shop Forever 21 Now. They picked about 20 influencers to launch this new experience in November and I was beyond happy to be one of the chosen few!

For my first outfit selection I wanted to go with something that everyone could get wear of in the summer and winter months! This super comfy short sleeve dress is extremely affordable at just under $23. Throw on a cardigan, leather jacket or coat and some OTK boots and you are good to go!

Outfit Details:

Cardigan – Forever 21 // Dress – Forever 21

Boots – Gucci (Similar HERE) // Hat – Topshop

Skull Necklace – Roberto Coin