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So long amazing Fall weather, we’re back to a crisp 90 degrees again. Stupid Texas weather!! Where are the Fall temps?! Before our heat wave hit Austin I shot the CUTEST tassel skirt that I am absolutely obsessed with. Definitely a little number I will be wearing all throughout the Fall; if it ever shows up again!

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{Halloween Makeup Ideas}

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Holy cow, how is it already the end of October!? I thought I was doing so great at getting ahead with some fun Halloween posts but now I feel so behind!! I mean, there’s only 10 days until the end of the month! Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday there is which means fun makeup tutorials are an absolute must! My dream team and I came up with 5 different makeup ideas that literally anyone and everyone can do! There’s even a fun BTS video of one of the looks!!

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{Raven + Lily}

Raise your hand if you are a fan of helping empower women in other countries? I want to introduce you to Raven + Lily; an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand created to alleviate poverty among women. Currently, they employ over 1,500 women at fair trade wages to give them access to a safe job, sustainable income, health care, and education. All of their products are made by hand and follow fair trade standards. As of 2016, Raven + Lily employs women in Ethiopia, India, Cambodia, Kenya, Guatemala, the USA, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Haiti. They were even named Best for the World in Community Impact and their clothing is pretty dang cute too!

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{My Stay at Lone Star Court}

When I say “It’s about time I took a vacation…” it’s usually way past when I REALLY should have taken one so when Lone Star Court approached me about a weekend staycation in Austin, I couldn’t refuse. Grayson and I always love to experience local hotels and this was one we had heard so many amazing things about so we were definitely excited to get away!

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{ACL with HomeAway}

Up until about a year ago, I was not the typical Homeaway customer. Any vacation or trip I took, I would always book a hotel and not think twice about it. It was always an easy and comfortable decision. That was until Grayson and I planned a trip to St. Thomas. We quickly found out the only way to make the trip affordable was to look at other alternatives for room and board on our vacation.

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{Fall Black}

 How was everyone’s weekend?? Grayson and I wanted to take the opportunity to get away for a couple of days and enjoy the glorious weather Austin was having so we decided to have a little stay-cation at one of the cutest hotels in North Austin, Lone Star Court. Both of us have been so busy with work that we haven’t really had time to enjoy being newlyweds, so a little vaca was a must! I’ll be doing a full post on our stay but wanted to show off one of my favorite Fall looks that we shot there. If you are in Austin, I highly recommend checking this place out!

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{ACL Survival Kit}


Alright, let’s just jump right into this post. ACL is HERE and that means hundreds of thousands of people flood Zilker park for two whole weekends of festival fun! Maybe not hundreds of thousands but its still a TON. I’ve partnered with SkinnyPop to give you everything you need to know about ACL 2016. From what you need to bring in your survival kit to survive one or both weekends, what to wear, what to do, etc, I’ve got you covered.

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{A Country Wedding}


Let me be honest… This isn’t my first go around. The first time I got married, I had a very traditional wedding. I invited lots of people, spent WAY too much money and in the end, it really wasn’t what I had envisioned for my dream wedding. So this time around, I wanted to do it exactly how I wanted it in the first place, ELOPEMENT!

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{Little White Romper}

We survived Monday! Hooray!! I hope everyone had a fabulous day. It has been so rainy in Austin but with this rain brought the cooler temps, which I definitely am not complaining about. I mean, I was able to wear a jacket today!! This morning, I had the pleasure of touring the new Nordstrom store that is opening THIS Friday at the Domain Northside and let me tell you right now, STUNNING. There is so much natural light and everything is so out in the open. The layout literally made me want to buy everything in the store! I did a few Snapchats of the store (@DTK_Austin) so go check it out before anyone else gets a peek in! And if you’re in Austin, be sure to go check it out on Friday for the grand opening!

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{How to Stylishly Wear Your Sun Protection}

If you haven’t noticed by now, the sun isn’t my best friend… So much so that I had to go down a shade in my powder. UGH, the struggle. BUT I would 100% rather cake on the sunscreen and lounge with my oversized hat than get sunburned. As a kid, playing sports outside or swimming with friends, I never saw sunscreen as a necessity. I’m sure most of us didn’t at a young age, even with our parents nagging us to put it on. Now, my skin is so sensitive that I’ll go outside for a few minutes and immediately get burnt, splotchy and produce a mass amount of freckles. The past few years I have been strict on myself to wear SPF moisturizer every day and always keep sunscreen on hand if I have a long work-day outside. But did you know that over 20% harmful UV-rays can get through your clothing and do just as much damage?

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