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{Holidays with Silver Jeans Co.}

Hello holidays!! Is this anyone else’s favorite time of the year, or is it just me?? When I think of the holidays I automatically dream of snow, family traditions, yummy food and holiday parties!! Could there be anything better?? I have partnered with Silver Jeans Co. to share one of my favorite cozy Fall looks and talk all about my family’s ever-changing holiday traditions! Are they really traditions if they are always changing?? Ha! What are some of y’alls family traditions??

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{Gray Anatomy}

Grey Suede Cuff Boots

How is it almost December??? Does anyone else feel like this year flew by? It is still crazy to me that the Texas weather is STILL in the 70s and 80s! Thankfully, we are having a bit of a cold front right now, but seriously, we have to bundle up in the morning and mega layer for the 80 degree temps midday! Where is my winter, Texas?! Lucky for me, the highs are in the 60s today so I got to bundle up a little!

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{At Home with Urban Mettle}

The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re like me, gift giving is a quite the challenge for some of my friends and family. As I’m getting older I realize that in this house, less is more! Most of you know, I purchased a home a little over a year ago, totally gutted it and started a massive renovation. For the most part, the renovation is done but it made me realize that I want absolutely 0 clutter in this house, so when the holidays come around I tell people to save their money and give us gift cards or something we can specifically use! Or you know, a good trip always works too!

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{Ombre Jeans}

My gosh, what a week it’s been! I just realized I didn’t even do a single post during the last 7 days. Sorry for the major delay in posting, hopefully no one noticed me slacking!! Lately I have been so busy with work and life that the blog and Instagram have definitely taken a hit. With the holidays coming up it’s been more of a challenge to keep up with everything (shooting, posting, interacting, etc.) and still live a healthy life! I know most of y’all know exactly what I’m talking about! But enough of boring, real world stuff, let’s get on to the fashion!

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{Feeling Edgy with David Lerner}


Happy Monday, my friends! Who else is glad we got an extra hour of sleep?? I don’t know if the time change was a good or bad thing for me… Now I can’t seem to fall asleep until 1am and now I’m sleeping til 9-10am!! I can’t complain though, this rainy weekend made me not want to get out of bed at all!! Grayson was out of town and I finally had a weekend that I wasn’t on a job so Steven and I cuddled on the couch the entire weekend and watched corny girl shows while we could!! How was y’alls weekend??

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{Splurge or Steal}


The cooler days of Fall have finally arrived and that means time to start bundling up. If you’re like me, you don’t alway want to spend a fortune on winter clothes that you will only wear a couple months out of the year. With this month’s splurge or steal I have shown how you can achieve a two thousand dollar look without breaking the bank yet still staying chic and cozy!

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{The Best LBDs for Fall}

Wayf Black Dress Nordstrom

Happy Day after Halloween! Did everyone survive?? We literally went out and shot a couple of outfits, came home and cooked with the lights off to avoid the trick-or-treaters. Ha! Before you think we’re crazy, there was a major crime about 5 feet away from our driveway Sunday morning so we really wanted to lay low and stay safe. SO, in the spirit of Halloween week I wanted to do a round up of my favorite LBDs, for any occasion that are under $100!

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{Vampire Facial at Novopelle}


I am SO excited to finally share my Vampire Facial experience with everyone! Just in time for Halloween! I recently partnered with Novopelle in Austin to pick a procedure to share with my readers and thought this would be perfect! Not only because it is Halloween but because it is a minimally invasive procedure that uses absolutely no fillers or injections. It is literally all natural!!

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{Cozy Cardi}

When it’s the end of October and you’re still dealing with 90 degree weather, you really have to get creative with how you dress. If you know anything about Texas weather you know how bi-polar it is… I mean, one day it could be in the 30s and the next day would be sunny and 85. As you can imagine, this makes it extremely difficult to accurately plan my Fall outfits! Layering is key when you’re having to deal with weather that can’t make up it’s mind!

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