{Splurge or Steal – How to Wear a Skirt Suit without Looking Like Your Mom}

DTKAustin shares her splurge or steal in Austin Woman Magazine on how to dress appropriately for work in a skirt suit on a budget plus the expensive option if you want to splurge. Click for more details and images!

Tired of looking like your mother when wearing a power suit? Thankfully, the times are changing and women’s suiting has had a major facelift over the years. We no longer have to worry about boxy, oversized blazers with huge shoulder pads and trousers that don’t fit right. You all remember those, right?? The exact outfit your mom used to wear to work everyday?? I can guarantee you my mom still has some of those suits in her closet! It’s like I can still envision those photos in my head from back in the day!

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{Healthy Skincare with TULA}

Austin blogger DTKAustin shares why healthy skincare is so important at any age with TULA | best skincare products | skincare products for any age | skincare routines | how to use skincare products | TULA skincare review | TULA skincare products || Dressed to Kill

With all of the harmful chemicals put in most beauty products these days, how do you know what’s best for your body and skin? On the other end, why would you want to spend days, weeks or months trying out multiple skincare products that could be harmful to begin with? I was one of those girls that waited way too long to get into a good skincare regimen until recently. Leading up to this point, there was much trial and error figuring out what worked best for my skin. This entire post is dedicated to sharing FOUR of my favorite skincare products by TULA and why they work for most.

Before we get into details I want to give you some exciting news! Use code DTKASHLEY20 for 20% off sitewide + free shipping on orders $30+! Expires 10/1/17.

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{How to Stay Casual & Comfy in a Bodycon Dress}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin shares how to pull off the Converse with a dress trend and how to pull off a button down tied around your waist. Click for more photos and information. | how to style a casual dress | how to wear a casual dress | how to stay comfortable in a dress | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style for summer || Dressed to Kill

Happy Thursday, friends! Only one more day ’til the weekend!! Y’all probably remember this cotton stunner dress from the recent post I did a few days ago when I shared how to dress up a simple, cotton dress. I actually wore the same dress today for some errands and wanted to share a great way to wear these tighter/bodycon dresses in more of a casual style. Anything I can wear dressy to casual is a must have in my book as it just screams affordable and proves that I can get my money’s worth out of the piece.

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{The Men’s Guide to Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale}

Alright guys, this post is ALL about you! Actually, its for the guys who love to shop or for the lovely ladies who will be doing all of your shopping for you. I’m sure most of y’all saw the post I recently did talking about the best investment pieces that all men and women need but if you missed that just click HERE. With this post I am specifically talking to all of you guys out there about what you ALL need to grab while this sale is going on. Unlike my husband, I know there are plenty of guys out there that enjoy dressing sharp and plenty of ladies out there that love their men looking sexy!

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{My Life as an Instagram Husband – Written by Grayson}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin's husband is spilling the beans on what it's like being an Instagram Husband and being married to a fashion blogger and stylist. | anniversary photo ideas | styling for an anniversary shoot | anniversary photo shoot fashion tips | what to wear for an anniversary photo shoot | how to style a maxi dress | couples fashion | his and her summer fashion || Dressed to Kill

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ashley’s husband, Grayson and I’m an Instagram Husband. For those that don’t know me, that’s a scary realization considering the type of person I am. I was born in Austin, TX to two successful yet very hippie parents. I’ve played professional paintball for the past 11 years and have been playing the sport over half my life. I work at a local hedge fund as a trader and write automated algorithms to trade on my behalf. 5 years ago, could I imagine I would be helping my wife run a successful Instagram page and blog based on women’s fashion? Hell no. I didn’t (and still don’t) have a stylish bone in my body, let alone know how to work a fancy camera. My style growing up was changing into the clothes I’d wear to school the night before so I didn’t have to worry about it in the morning. As I sit here writing this, I’m at work in a RATM (Rage Against the Machine) shirt with chlorine stains on it and the same grey shorts I’ve worn the past 3 days. Somehow over the course of the past 5 years, I would learn how to shoot a fancy camera, learn all the names of fancy shoe designers and realize purses could cost as much as cars. Without further ado, here’s the one way my life has drastically changed since I married Ashley (who I will no refer to as @dtkaustin from here on out).

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{Little Grey Dress from & Other Stories}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin shares THE perfect grey summer dress from & Other Stories and how to easily transition the look into Fall with a faux leather jacket. | how to style a halterneck strap dress | how to wear a halterneck strap dress | summer to fall fashion pieces | summer to fall wardrobe | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style for summer || Dressed to Kill

We all have our go to LBDs (little black dresses) but what about your LGDs (little grey dresses)?? I don’t know if y’all have noticed but I really love dressing in monochromatic shades and rarely wear color so I stock up on my LBDs, LGDs and LWDs or really anything that lacks color. Before I get into why I am in love with the dress in this post, I want to introduce y’all to & Other Stories. They are a one-stop styling destination filled with collections from three design ateliers in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles. If you didn’t know, they are the latest addition to the H&M family but are more focused on detail and quality and offer everything a women can wear, such as clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, beauty, and swimwear. I recently did a swimwear post with them HERE.

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{Try on Guide + What to Buy at the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale}

Happy Friday, friends! Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?? Grayson and I are hoping to actually get some relaxing time now that we both aren’t so busy with work and life getting in the way. Until then, I wanted to get this post out for you guys before more stuff sells out from the sale. Are y’all so tired of hearing about this yet?? I know I feel like a broken record so if it’s TOO much, please tell me!!

I’m also giving away a $100 Nordstrom Gift Card to 1 lucky winner! Maybe 2 if we get enough entries! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog! Winner announced Sunday!

Click here – http://eepurl.com/4nGl1

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{What’s Left at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Public Access}

Talk about an extensive post on what’s left on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I hope this shopping guide is helpful for y’all because it took me FOREVER! This post is for everyone who is either still shopping the sale but mainly for the people who are just now getting to shop public access. I’ve rounded up most of everything that is actually still in stock. Sadly, so much sold out so fast and didn’t get restocked. Talk about depressing. Instead of having to search the entire site for what is actually available I’ve compiled collages and scrollers of everything that is fully in stock or just missing a couple of sizes, if that.

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{Must Have Investment Pieces for Women & Men on a Budget}

Austin blogger DTKAustin shares her top investment picks for him and her on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Watches from Diesel and Marc Jacobs are perfect pieces. Click for more information and photos.

In the fashion world there is a lot of talk about investment pieces and a lot of opinions on what is actually considered an investment piece. One person could consider an Hermes bag an investment bag, where someone else would consider a Chanel bag to be an investment and others could think a $200-$500 bag would be an investment. Investments are a loose term these days depending on a lot of factors in someone’s life so I am going to try and cover the basis on what is considered an investment piece and what you should be focusing on investing; for him AND her.

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{How to Revamp Your Entire Bedroom with Nordstrom}

Who else is still shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before everything goes out of stock?? Is it just me?? I feel like I find new goodies every single day; whether it be in clothing, beauty, shoes or home! Speaking of home decor… that has to be the one category I ALWAYS forget to browse and I don’t know why! I feel like I’m always so focused on cute clothes and shoes that I forget about everything else! I did shop for men’s today though, so keep an eye out for that post! Today was the first day I browsed home goods on sale and found WAY too much stuff I need and it all seemed to be to revamp my bedroom. I did find these awesome lawn chairs to take to the ranch that Grayson said we just have to have!

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