{How to Easily Tie a Blanket Scarf Multiple Ways}

DTKAustin is sharing a quick tutorial on how to wear a blanket scarf many different ways in under a minute plus where to purchase the most affordable scarves for Fall. Click for the video and more photos.

Hello, Fall! Is anyone else overjoyed that cooler temps are get closer and closer?? That means we can start pulling our favorite blanket scarves out of storage and stock up on even more coziness in stores! Most of y’all are probably already seeing and feeling that gorgeous Fall weather but in Texas it’s still scorching! I seriously feel like I am one of those crazy people in Texas that even when it’s 90 degrees even in November, I insist on purchasing everything Fall related that never gets worn… I can’t tell you how many tubs of beanies and blanket scarves I have stocked up on that rarely see the light of day. I’ve come to the realization that I need to move somewhere cooler to satisfy my winter wardrobe purchases or I need to start donating!

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{Pumpkin Spice Flavor Dental Chews with GREENIES}

DTKAustin is sharing her Brussels Griffon, Steven Jalapeno's favorite Greenies Pumpkin Spice Dental Chews plus a giveaway for free dog treats!

Hello, fall!! I can’t believe I’m even saying that when it’s still 90+ degrees in Texas but that doesn’t stop me from incorporating fall into every aspect of my life these days! You all know what I’m talking about… September doesn’t only bring us cooler weather, it brings us everything Pumpkin Spice!! GREENIES just came out with their Pumpkin Spice Flavored Limited Edition Treats and you won’t believe the reason they came out with these. Dogs are family and stick by their owners through everything. We all smother our dogs with love, lots of annoying kisses, pictures and selfies but no matter what, they still love us back. Seriously, melts my heart because it is all so true!! Our dogs deserve the absolute best and GREENIES Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Flavored Dental Treats do just that. You know we stocked up on bags and bags of these babies for fall and winter!! Now we can even celebrate Pumpkin Spice season together.

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{Stitched in Style with Frye and Zappos}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin shares her go to Fall accessories with Frye and Zappos.

Sponsored by Zappos

Fall is officially here and I don’t know about y’all but I am ready to start dressing in cozy sweaters, cardigans, skinny jeans, OTK boots and booties! By now, y’all have probably seen my attempt to transition into Fall (given the TX weather) on the blog and Instagram along with other countless amounts of influencers telling you what you have to have to look chic in the cooler weather. The outfit in this blog post is definitely going to be a go-to once temps start dropping but I wanted to show y’all ahead of time because I love it so much. Mainly because my accessories are the absolute best or the fact that everything about this look is so classic and can be worn anywhere, during any time of the day and you won’t be uncomfortable. I honestly feel like this is the blogger uniform at times, which means it’s good! 😜

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{Tips to Pull Off Sheer Clothing in Cooler Weather}

Austin Blogger DTKAustin is sharing how to pull off a sheer distressed sweater with ripped denim and how to still look put together. Handbag from Henri Bendel, sweater from Chicwish and denim from Express. Click for more photos and info.

The first day of Fall is apparently THIS Friday and I’m a little curious as to where the cooler weather is in Austin! I’ve been patiently waiting and have felt no such temperatures!! The first day of Fall in Austin consists of shorts, a tank top and flip flops. I found it funny this morning when the local meteorologist mentioned the first day of Fall is approaching and that we’ll soon start feeling Fall temps later in the week. And by Fall temps he meant a 93 degree high instead of over 100… What a jokester… That was a moment when you start laughing which quickly turns into a cry of disappointment because you have so much cute Fall clothing already that won’t get worn for months from now. 😫 Until then I have to improvise my Fall wardrobe for you guys since so many of y’all are already feeling Fall!

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{Black & White Floral Maxi Dress Under $80}

DTKAustin shares the most affordable black and white floral print maxi dress from Akira. Under $100 with a stunning criss-cross back it is perfect for date night.

Who else is ready for the weekend? Grayson finally has a free weekend so in addition to date night we’ve got an exciting couple of days planned filled with Lego building! I went to the Lego store today to pick up that insanely massive Millennium Falcon that cost a mere $800, but it SOLD OUT in seconds apparently. I mean, really? People were supposedly in line outside the store in the mall at 7am when the actual mall doesn’t even open until 9am. Talk about dedicated! I went into the store today to see if I could swoon my way into having them hold one for me when more came in and they totally rejected my ass. I ended up settling for the cutest BB-8 that we were going to build Saturday and then Grayson insisted on simply opening the box which led to us building the entire thing in an hour. SO, that means we will be back at the Lego store Saturday to buy even more Lego’s to keep us entertained! Does anyone else obsess over Lego’s as much as I do?? I’ll have to show y’all our Lego room one of these days!

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{Affordable Black Lace Mini Dress for Date Night}

It’s almost the weekend (hooray!) and that means date night!! Am I the only one that has trouble finding something cute yet semi-sexy to wear on a date? Seriously, the struggle is real, especially in Austin. People literally stroll into a nice restaurant in shorts and a tank top. You’ll occasionally see a couple who is actually dressed up but it’s few and far between. That makes it extremely tough to actually know what to wear for a night out when you’re wondering if you’re dressed up TOO much or too little.  It’s also a little frustrating coming from Fort Worth and Dallas where everyone dressed up super fancy for any type of outing! Seriously, even going to the grocery store. Totally guilty. Moving to Austin I got rid of so many dressy clothes because I knew I would rarely get to wear them here. People seriously look at you like you’re insane if you’re wearing super nice clothes unless you pull up in a Aston Marton, especially if you aren’t at the nicest restaurant that doesn’t warrant nice clothes.

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{The 6 Best Hair Dryers for Hair Extensions}

Does anyone else reading this post have hair extensions? Y’all know the hair drying struggle is real! Anyway, I got my first set of hair extensions about 3-4 months ago in an attempt to make my hair fuller and thicker. Once they were successfully installed, dried and styled I never paid much attention to them the first few days until my first wash. Silly ole’ me thought that this would be like any other day I washed and dried my hair but I was wrong!! A normal dry time for me was literally 5 minutes… with extensions and my crappy dryer is was TWO HOURS! The texture of hair extensions is so different than the texture of my natural hair so I was immediately on the hunt for something that would dry my hair extremely fast. No one has time to spend hours on their hair, at least I know I don’t! After getting extensions my entire hair washing and drying routine changed. I would wash at night, sleep on it wet and then blow dry the rest in the morning which made things pretty efficient but it wasn’t ideal. I finally rounded up the best of the best hair dryers that dry hair extensions quickly.

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{Palm Print Jumpsuit Under $50}

DTKAustin shares details on one of her go-to women's boutiques; Red Dress Boutique along with this beautiful palm print jumpsuit and bamboo bag.

Hello, Friday!! I thought you would never get here. As I write this tropical post I can’t help but think of everyone effected by Hurricane Irma… The weather lately is absolutely mind-blowing and frankly, just plain scary. I hope everyone stays safe in Irma’s path and if anyone needs a place to stay, please get in touch! As I offered to my friends and family in Houston, I am offering to my fellow friends in Florida as well. Surprisingly enough, weather in Texas is absolutely beautiful now. It’s been the strangest thing… It was 58 degrees when I got up this morning and I actually needed a sweater for the majority of the day. I’ll take fantastic weather any day over our usual 90+ in September! I’m hoping these temps stay like this for a while because I sure do love me some sweater weather!

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{How to Pull off an all Black Look For Fall}

DTKAustin is talking all about how to wear an all black outfit for the Fall and giving tips on how to wear an all black outfit in general.

Alright guys today I’m gonna talk about confidence, how to add a little bit of girl power to an edgy outfit and how to wear an all black look for Fall. Now I know since it’s already September, fall clothing is already on shelves, so you’re gonna start seeing a lot of black being worn, by me mainly! I don’t know what it is about Fall and black but its like I’m drawn towards black everything when cooler temps hit!  One of the hardest things that we as girls struggle with is maybe feeling like we look too edgy when you dress from head-to-toe in only black. Trust me y’all, rocking all black is a killer fashion statement.

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{Top 13 Outfits from August – Instagram Roundup

Instagram Outfit Roundup - Favorite August Looks | Fall fashion tips | Fall outfit ideas | Fall style tips | what to wear for Fall | cold weather fashion | fashion for fall | style tips for fall | outfit ideas for fall || Dressed to Kill

Y’all… How is it already September… Is it just me or did this year completely fly by? I don’t know if it was because I was out of commission for months after my shoulder surgery but the months wen’t by quicker than the blink of an eye. I’m not super thrilled about that either! Life needs to slow down… Well, as another month comes and goes another Instagram roundup arrives. This post has my top 13 outfits from August all in one place with info on pricing, sizing and why I love each one. And Steven’s tee-pee photo makes 14 (my fave number)!

I know quite a few of y’all aren’t signed up for LiketoKnow.it so this gives you the opportunity to shop my favorite, still in-stock looks. Did you know, you can also shop ALL of my Instagram posts from my website directly at www.dtkaustin.com/shopinstagram?

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