{How to Pull Off Dark Colors in the Summer}

DTKAustin shares one of her favorite summer dresses by MISA Los Angeles and talks how to wear darker colors in the summer. Click for more info and photos.

Who else is still in that long weekend mindset? After getting back from our week in Tulum I haven’t wanted to do a damn thing. Why is it always so difficult to get back to the way things were after an amazing vacation?! That work life is NO fun. Vacation depression is seriously a real thing. I mean, my suitcase is still packed sitting in the living room! Mainly because I hate unpacking and I jumped right back in to renovating the bathroom. I’ll be posting more on stories soon! I’m attempting to get that thing finished in a month but that’s coming up quicker than I had expected. One thing I’m really excited about is this post though! Now that I’m back I’m finally getting in the swing of posting all of our vacation pics on social media and getting more blogs out the door for y’all.

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{How to Stay Comfortable yet Stylish this Summer}

DTKAustin shares one of her go-to, affordable striped off-the-shoulder tops from Splendid. Click for more information or details.

If you live anywhere in Texas you know how hard it is to actually look put together in the summer without sweating your ass off in the process. There’s nothing like wanting to literally peel your own clothes off at the end of the day and take a cold shower! You really only have a few options when the weather is in the low 100s; stay inside and blast the AC on 60 all day, go to Barton Springs and soak for hours in the 60 degree water, or just suffer in little to no clothing at all if you’re planning to be outside longer than 10 minutes. So how does one look remotely cute in these conditions?!

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{Splendid Black Summer Romper}

DTKAustin shares her favorite detailed romper and shoes from Splendid plus a gorgeous black leather bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Click for more information and photos.

I was never one for rompers or jumpsuits until recently. That is, if they fit me correctly. You all probably remember my long torso issue I seem to always complain about in my posts. 😜 Good news, if you’re in the market for a new summer romper! I recently found a budget friendly option that I have been living in like every single day! No joke though… If am headed out to run errands for a couple of hours I would normally throw on some athleisure/workout wear but I am starting look the exact same everyday… Which is semi-homeless and unkept and that’s just not me! This romper has been such an easy grab and go piece that I’m going to be living in it for months and months!

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{Why Every Girl Needs to Have a Tomboy Side}

DTKAustin shares her experience at the last 2017 Supercross race in Las Vegas.

Let me first start off by apologizing for how lengthy this post is going to be. There is just so much to be said and seen within the bounds of one blog post! This also isn’t the typical blog post you would normally see coming from my site and I’m really excited to give y’all an inside look into a huge part of my life! I had so much fun writing this post sharing a passion my dad and I still share to this day.

This post is for all of the female dirt bike lovers out there! 🙌🏻

First things first; reasons why every girly-girl needs to have a tomboy side. I mean, judging from my upbringing, girls that act like dudes are WAY more fun and here’s why!

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{PAWsh Puppy Fashion Show at Kelly Wynne}

Event recap from the PAWsh Puppy Fashion Show with Kelly Wynne Handbags. Steven Jalapeño and 5 other dogs participated in the Austin Pets Alive runway way show Click for more info and pictures.

If you know me, I love dogs and I love giving back however I can. When you combine those two things you know I’ll do anything I can to be involved. A few weeks ago my great friend, Kelly Wynne, invited me to be a part of the PAWsh Puppy Fashion Show they were hosting at her new store at the Domain. This show was to launch her new dog collar and leash collection, Cloud K9 that will be available for purchase in a few weeks and also to benefit Austin Pet’s Alive. Steven and I didn’t even have to think twice before we 100% agreed to be a part of the modeling fun! For those of y’all who were able to make the show last week I wanted to give everyone a recap of the doggy cuteness!

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{National Swimsuit Day with Wala Swim}

Hello National Swimsuit Day! (Was anyone else aware this was a thing?? Like I need an excuse to buy more swimwear!) As the Texas summer quickly approaches I couldn’t be any less prepared with swimwear. My need to be near a cold body of water is rising and at this point I am scrambling to buy up as much swimwear as I possibly can while saving some money! Which brings me to the point of this post! One of my go-to online swim retailers, Wala Swim is currently having a major site-wide sale for 25% off your ENTIRE purchase with code KICKOFF25. They RARELY have major sales like this so seriously take advantage before prices go back up! Swimwear is not cheap so whenever there is a deal on my favorite designer brands I am on it like white on rice!

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{The One Outfit You Need This Summer}

DTKAustin shares her favorite summer white and blue tassel set. There are tons of similar romper options listed that would be perfect for summer vacation. Click for more images and info!

Have you ever found that one outfit that you know you’re going to get your money’s worth out of? That one outfit you could live in every single day if you could? Ladies, look no more… I have found the best of the best summer look that is guaranteed to turn heads; judging from personal experience recently. I recently purchased this 2 piece set online and was extremely excited to get it in and wear it out! It came in just in time for my stay at the JW Marriott in San Antonio so I wore it out for date night our first night there! We weren’t able to shoot this look during our stay so I really wanted an excuse to wear it out again. It was too cute not to share with you guys!

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{Oh, Sheet! Which Face Mask to Choose?}

DTKAustin talks all about her favorite sheet masks and which brands and formulas are better for specific types of skin. Click for more information and where to shop!

Living in the era of the sheet mask, how do you know which is right and beneficial for your skin? I’ve rounded up my favorite picks for all skin types that have been my personal favorites for the past year. Surprisingly enough, I JUST started using sheet masks about 6 months ago and have completely fallen in love. They are so easy to throw on and lounge around or even get work done around the house while still getting an amazing facial. I’ve tested out hundreds at this point and have only found a handful that I’ve actually seen great results with.

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{Why Zappos is my go-to for Online Shopping}

This post is sponsored by Zappos. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Has anyone else noticed that online shopping has almost completely monopolized the retail market? I mean, to the point of large retailers being forced to close their brick & mortars. With the rise of e-commerce and digital influencers promoting specific products it’s no surprise that more people are opting to shop online, from the comfort of their own home. Even I absolutely cringe at the thought of having to drive all the way to a store, look around, not try it all on, purchase it and then get home only to realize half the stuff I bought didn’t even fit! So time consuming and not something I want to waste my day doing. Time is the most important luxury in life so why waste it?

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{Best of April Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Talk about being a little behind! May is FLYING by and I haven’t even been able to get my April Instagram round-up posted until now. Thankfully, I have a somewhat good excuse for not having as many posts up this month; WORK. May has already been slammed with commercial work and I surprised my dad with a trip to Vegas to watch the Supercross finals for his birthday! We got back super late last night and I’ve been busting a move to try and get this post ready since it’s almost the middle of May.

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