{Sh*t Just got Real with POTTYMINTS}

DTKAustin shares her favorite portable air freshener for travel, PottyMints. | PottyMints portable air freshener tablets review | air freshener tablets | how to use air freshener tablets || Dressed to Kill

Sh*t just got real… But seriously, you’re going to get to know me really well with this post. I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t like to be that person after going to the bathroom in a public place or even at home. This is totally TMI, but I’m one of those people who is doing the triple flush before, during and after and then dousing the bathroom with a ridiculous amount of air freshener. I mean, no one needs to know that us ladies poop or even worse, have smelly poop!! 😂 Sorry guys. Continue Reading

{Best of June Looks – Instagram Roundup}

Wow, talk about late with this post! To be completely honest, I have been so slammed with work that the blog has taken the back seat. Now that I’m finally getting caught up I wanted to get this round-up of all of my June looks posted ASAP!!

I know quite a few of y’all aren’t signed up for LiketoKnow.it so this gives you the opportunity to shop my favorite, still in-stock looks. Did you know, you can also shop ALL of my Instagram posts from my website directly at www.dtkaustin.com/shopinstagram?

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{Summer Denim One Shoulder Dress}

DTKAustin is sharing details on a beautiful summer, one shoulder dress from Splendid with a handbag from Cult Gaia. Click for more details and photos. | how to style a denim dress | how to wear a denim dress | denim dress style tips | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

Can you guys tell that I’m on a denim kick lately?? I feel like almost everything I have been posting lately has been chambray this, chambray that… What can I say, I just love denim in the summer! I think I’m such a huge fan because the material is always so soft and will actually breath. With this Texas heat I need something cute, yet breathable and comfy!

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{The Splendid Romper of Your Dreams}

DTKAustin shares details on the most versatile Splendid chambray romper and how to wear it dressy for date night and casual on the beach. Click for more photos and details. | how to style a romper | how to wear a romper | romper style tips | summer fashion tips | summer outfit ideas | summer style tips | what to wear for summer | warm weather fashion | fashion for summer | style tips for summer | outfit ideas for summer || Dressed to Kill

Let’s talk rompers… One of the greatest articles of clothing ever created. You can dress them up or down and can wear them for absolutely any occasion. No matter what your body type is, there is ALWAYS a romper for you.  They are great for accentuating your waistline to add some cute curves to your body or to add a little bit of flirt to your booty. No matter what your opinions are about rompers, they WILL look good on you.

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{What to Wear for a Hill Country Getaway with Maison du Maillot}

DTKAustin shares her go-to online boutique for shopping everything summer, Maison du Maillot. From Mara Hoffman to bikinis galore, they have you covered for any summer getaway. Click for more information and photos.

For those unfamiliar with Texas geography, just west of Austin is the start of the Texas Hill Country. I feel blessed to have lived in this area for the past 10 years and try to explore what it has to offer any chance I get. Nestled at the start of the Hill Country is the beautiful Sage Hill Inn, with the beautiful, rustic farm feel any location at this inn makes the perfect backdrop for pictures. They have a gorgeous pool and the patio outside for dinner is absolutely stunning. I obviously couldn’t resist taking an array of fun photos with the gorgeous scenery!

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{The Truth and Facts About Loop Giveaways}

If you've ever wanted to do a Loop Giveaway read this post first. DTKAustin shares her thoughts and facts on how they effect your Instagram account.

For most of my readers, this post probably won’t make sense, but after sensing much frustration in addition to some backlash from the blogger community I felt it extremely necessary to write a very informative post on the truth and facts regarding those pesky giveaways that continuously fill our Instagram feeds; also known as Loop Giveaways. Let me preface this by saying that this post is not an attack on anyone who chooses to do these giveaways, as we are all grown ups and can make our own decisions. This blog is specifically stating the facts from personal experience, Instagram/FB employees, fellow bloggers, and responses from specific Instagram followers of mine.

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{4th of July Sales with Discount Codes}

DTKAustin shares the best 4th of July sales with discount codes for 2017. Click for this huge list of amazing deals on fashion, home and beauty.

Who’s ready to do a little 4th of July shopping? It’s obviously no surprise that all of our favorite retailers currently have some amazing sales going on now through next week! Below, I have listed some of my go-to retailers, the sales they are having PLUS specific discount codes if they even have one to use.

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{Tips & Tricks to be Prepared for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale + a Giveaway}

DTKAustin shares her tips and tricks to efficiently shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, NSALE for 2017. Click for more information and photos.

The biggest and most anticipated sale of the year is almost here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (NSALE) is back and better than ever. In preparation for this sale I wanted to give everyone a few helpful tips and tricks to strategically shop the NSALE and a heads up that I will be posting quite a bit more than normal, so please don’t get annoyed! I’ve gotta pay those bills!

Check out the catalog before the sale actually starts!

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{Lux & the Moon Chambray Peplum Tank}

DTKAustin shares her go-to casual outfit for Sunday brunch in Austin. Chambray top by Lux & the Moon, Bag by Henri Bendel, jewelry from Baublebar. Click for more information and photos.

Don’t you just love when you find new online boutiques that fit your style perfectly? I was recently introduced to Lux & the Moon and immediately knew this was going to be dangerous once I saw all of the clothes I had to have. Even more dangerous; it’s all extremely affordable! Lately, I’ve been really trying to focus on purchasing items that are totally different than anything else in my closet. I don’t really have a ton of chambray in my closets, especially tops, so when I saw the peplum and tie back detail I was hooked!

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{Stay Chic + Comfortable for a Day at Barton Springs w/Teva & Zappos}

DTKAustin shares which Teva Sandals are her go-to for exploring Austin and why she will only buy them from Zappos.

This post is sponsored by Zappos. All thoughts expressed are my own.

When most people think of Teva sandals, chic is definitely not a word most ladies would use to describe these shoes. Casual, comfortable, outdoorsy, and adventurous are adjectives that really come to mind when I think of the brand. When I think of Teva shoes I am immediately brought back to some of my favorite childhood memories. My dad and I would always take some of the best adventures when I had summer break from school. From road tripping to the sand dunes to mountain biking and hiking in Colorado, no adventure was too big for us. It’s amazing Teva footwear has literally been such a huge part of my life growing up that it’s almost a little emotional getting to share why I have loved them so much for so many years, from my childhood into my 30s. Now that I’m older, I can’t wait to share how I Strap Into Freedom with Teva Sandals!

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