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{Apple Cider Mimosas}

Who doesn’t love a good mimosa recipe? As Fall is getting closer and holiday parties are popping up left and right, my friend Hilary of By Hilary Rose, and I wanted to share a super tasty drink recipe with all of our lovely friends and family! Get ready to wow your friends at your next Fall shindig! Not only is it super easy, it also only requires 4 budget-friendly ingredients!

Our cute friend Hilary Rattikin did an amazing job capturing these yummy photos! Hopefully they will inspire you to serve this refreshing drink and your next holiday gathering! I know I’ll be making a big batch!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Apple Cider of your choice

2. Bottle of prosecco

3. Large white sprinkles for rim

4. Apples for garnish

Mimosa Recipe

Mimosa Recipe1

Mimosa Recipe3

Mimosa Recipe4

Mimosa Recipe5

Mimosa Recipe6

Mimosa Recipe7

Mimosa Recipe8

Mimosa Recipe9

Mimosa Recipe10

Mimosa Recipe11

And lastly, ENJOY!!!!

{Fit & Flare}

Say hello to the perfect Fall outfit when it is still 90 degrees outside! This MinkPink sleeveless, fit & flare dress is a great weight and great for those warmer days. Don’t have time to head home to change for a night out or drinks with the boyfriend?? Throw on a furry vest!! You’ll get the warmth, style and you wont be overly hot either.  Sounds like a winner to me!!











Outfit Details:

Dress – Minkpink // Vest – Minkpink

Shoes – Sam Edelman // Bag – Target

{My Styled Life}

A lot can happen in the span of 5 years and today excitingly marks the 5 year anniversary of starting my company, DTK Styling LLC.

I’ve realized that most of my followers and even some of my friends and family don’t really know or understand what I do or how hard I have worked over these past 5 years. I figured I would let whomever feels compelled to read this blog post a little insight into my life.

Let’s just start from the beginning… I was raised in the country in a very small town in Texas. So obviously, I was a huge tomboy. My youth and into high school was spent playing soccer all day, everyday, for a total of about 15 years. High school wasn’t really something I wanted to do for the entirety of 4 years so I made it a point to graduate in 3 so I could start pursuing my Architecture degree at UTA, all while having a full time job. My parents taught me to work extremely hard for things I wanted, and I did just that. 5 years later, I graduate with a degree in Architecture and Business Management right as the economy crashed. I took a few months of “off” time to figure out what I wanted in life and made some major life changes.

Not only did I meet someone and get engaged, I also packed up and moved to Austin. It’s crazy to think that was over 7 years ago. Thankfully, the Austin economy was still going strong and ended up finding a job at an architecture firm in Austin.  I had been so passionate about architecture since I was a child so it was amazing to actually make my dream a reality in the real world. I quickly realized after a year that working in a commercial firm was not for me but I didn’t want to jump from job to job. I had worked in retail while in college and had the occasional modeling gig but figured why not make fashion my full-time job. So, I did. I set out to start my own wardrobe styling company.

I started planning how I would accomplish starting a business while having a full time job. People always ask me if this process was hard… HELL YES it was hard! Not only was I worked at a full time job, no one knew who I was in the fashion world which equates to me doing almost a year of free work to build a clientele and a wardrobe styling portfolio. Not only was I trying to create something huge from nothing, I was also planning a wedding. After working at the firm for 2 years and working double time for another year, I was able to quit my full time job to 100% support myself with wardrobe styling work.

A lot of people get confused on what a wardrobe stylist actually is. There are also many types of wardrobe stylists. I personally work on commercial and print advertising; which means TV commercials and print advertising you see in magazines. I’m not a fan of doing editorial work and really busted my ass to break into the commercial world at an early stage of my career. Each and every year got better and better and my clientele and rates got bigger and better. Check out some of my awesome clients HERE! I never took the time to assist anyone, but literally jumped in and did things how I thought they should be done and it paid off exponentially. Being extremely confident was key.

But wardrobe styling isn’t a walk in the part… it’s way more demanding than most people think. I’ve been seeing some videos online that say how personal shopping and personal styling are not as glamorous as people would think. Same goes with wardrobe styling. It’s not only shopping and dressing people for a living. It’s extensive and very meticulous work! Our shoot days sometimes last over 16 hours with no breaks. You aren’t always dealing with the nicest people in the ad world either. People know exactly what they want, they know how they want their set run, and that’s how it is going to happen. You HAVE to have tough skin in this industry or you will get eaten alive.

Yes, self employment is overly scary at times because you might not work for a month, but it was the best decision I ever made for myself… Apart from that, I quickly realized my financial situation had to change. I had to save every single penny I made. I was a hoarder. Of money. This type of work has taught me so much! I strongly recommend anyone who is considering being self-employed to save at least a year’s worth of income if something happens and you can’t work and also plan to set up a retirement for yourself.  The biggest is SAVE FOR TAXES!! Not only do you pay employment tax you will be paying self-employment taxes, which means you pay almost 40% in taxes. But enough of the lame stuff!

As time went on, my marriage did not work. I filed for divorce after 2 years of marriage and focused on myself and ended up meeting someone absolutely amazing. During that time I did find my furry best friend, Steven Jalapeño and he is still the biggest part of my life today!

Now, where the blogging comes in! About a year ago, I realized that I had a lot of free time in between my big jobs and wanted another creative outlet.  That is where blogging emerged. Back when I started my business I also had a fashion blog, which I totally should have stuck with but majorly slacked on. I revamped the blog and started from scratch again! I have definitely busted my ass to grow a decent Instagram following, which hasn’t been easy with having an extremely demanding job.  As most of you bloggers know, it’s not all glamorous and it is extremely time consuming; finding clothes to shoot, having a good camera to shoot with, scouting locations, editing photos, keeping a cohesive feed, and finding appropriate fashion, filler photos. It’s a full-time job in itself! I’m honestly amazed at how I can actually make blogging work. I owe so much to Grayson who puts up with me AND takes all of my photos!!

The majority of my followers and new friends know me as a blogger and not for what I actually do for a living. I do not blog full-time. Maybe one day, but that is definitely not a priority of mine at this time.  As of now, I will definitely love getting the perks of free clothes, cars and hotel stays! 🙂

I am overly passionate about this business I started from nothing and have been so amazed at how it has grown. I have met so many amazing people along the way and wouldn’t change anything about how my life is now!  4 months ago I was able to purchase my very first home in Austin! Not only was that a huge goal of mine, but I made it happen way earlier than I ever thought was possible!

Being an only child I am outrageously independent and am so proud of what all I have accomplished in 5 years.  5 years seems so long because so much has changed in my life in that time, but it’s also only 5 years… I can’t image what the next 5, 10, or 20+ have in store for me.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way from knowing me in high school, college, moving to Austin, working at the firm, starting my own company, photographers and ad agencies giving me a chance, all of my new blogger friends and to everyone I will meet along the way! Life wouldn’t be the same without you all!!!

{A Day in the Desert}

Totally slacked on this post and figured I should go ahead and get it on the blog before the cold weather gets here!

This was probably one of my favorite locations to shoot at, not only because it’s gorgeous but the scenery is so different than what I normally post.  The Joshua trees totally made this shoot!!

One of my all time fav pieces of this look is the necklace from Empire State Finery.  If you aren’t familiar with this brand you need to check them out, stat!! Everything is hand made with the most amazing materials.  The Isaac necklace I am wearing is made of onyx speckled beads, brass, and salmon vertebrae on hand-painted, and hand-wrapped boars tusk! I mean, how freakin’ awesome is that!?








Outfit Details:

Dress – Topshop // Vest – Forever 21 // Shoes – Target

Clutch – Vince // Necklace – Empire State Finery

Sunglasses – Karen Walker from Shop Ditto

Remember, use code DTKAustin for your first month FREE!

{For the Birds}

This skirt! All I have to say is; OBSESSED.

Not like this gorgeous thing needs much chatting about but I will say this top AND skirt are both under $100 combined! Literally, look like 1 million bucks for a super affordable price. What more could you ask for!?

Chicwish is one of my favorite places to shop for quality, dressier clothes for a fraction of the price.  I have quite a few pieces from them and always get complements on where all of my cute skirts come from! SO, if I were you, I would head over to their website stat!! All of my outfit details are linked below!

View More:

View More:

View More:

View More:

View More:

View More:

View More:

View More:

View More:

Outfit Details:

Skirt – Chicwish // Top – Chicwish

Shoes – Express (Similar HERE) // Sunglasses – Karen Walker

Watch – Daniel Wellington

{NFL Shop}

Who else is beyond excited football season is here?! I feel like the NFL literally kicks off Fall. Am I crazy or what?! I can’t bet the only one! 🙂

Most people make fun of me that I plan a lot of major events or functions around football games, but what can I say, I’m addicted! Not even to a specific team either! Every season I find a new team to obsess over and this season it’s the Packers! I’ll totally be a cheese head but not a corny looking cheese head!

Which brings me to this NFL post! I HATE wearing jerseys but I wanted to find a way to show my team spirit without looking overly ridiculous. Surprisingly enough, I found an over abundance of goodies online at the NFL Shop. Totally shocked I found so much… I mean, I bought this super comfy tee, my go-to beanie, a plush football AND a backpack for under $100! To me, that’s an amazing deal!

I even got to incorporate Mr. Steven Jalapeño into this shoot too! He obviously loved it… 🙂  Check out how adorable he is!



Photos by Andrew Chan



{The Rock}

I am finally getting around to posting some of my looks from my trip to California a couple of weeks ago!  This set was shot at LACMA under the art installation, Levitated Mass. If you haven’t watched the documentary on Netflix, I would definitely recommend it! It was pretty amazing.

This look is probably one of my favorites. For me, living in Texas, it is a great transitional outfit with a lightweight summer dress and a vest thrown over it. You can also wear this with a leather jacket as the temps get cooler.  This entire look is practically all on sale right now! Get all of the details below.


Outfit Details:

Dress – Old Navy (Currently $18!) // Shoes – Target (BOGO going on!)

Handbag – Chanel (Linked similar HERE)

Vest – H&M (Similar HERE)

Sunglasses – Karen Walker from Shop Ditto

(Use code DTKAUSTIN for your first month FREE!)

{Pattern Mixing}

The first thing that comes to mind as I post these photos is WHERE DID MY HAIR GO!?!?!? It’s going to be quite strange posting the next couple of outfits with my long hair! I do have to say, I am in love with my new, shorter do though!

On a more important note… How cute is this little number from Anthropologie? I always love fun dresses that have mixed patterns. You don’t see many that actually get that trend right. This was one of my favs and definitely fit perfectly!! I like to call this one, Crappy wall, Cute dress!


Outfit Details:

Dress – Anthropologie // Clutch – Halogen

Shoes – AMI Clubwear // Watch – Cluse

{The New Do}

By now, most of y’all know I got another itch to chop my long locks off and actually went through with it this time. A whopping 9″ was cut off, plus a little more in the back! Every time I would head to the salon for my very predictable cut and color, I would always rave about wanting to cut my hair shorter. NOT short, but shorter! And overtime, I would chicken out and just do a quick trim.

The only way to make a major change is in the hands of renowned talent! I walked into the new and improved Bella Salon yesterday and told my friend and stylist, Tiffany, it was finally time to go through and cut it off! I really wanted something new and fresh. My hair has been outrageously long for the past 10 years and it was finally time for a change. Most of y’all know that I literally can’t do anything with my hair because it is so soft and fine, which means I can only wear it straight. It blow dries that straight everyday and will NEVER hold a curl. So instead of having long, luscious locks for Fall, I chopped it all off before the winter time!

Check out some of my fun behind the scenes photos of the chop chop! You can’t really tell how much was cut off until you put up a side-by-side of how long my hair was before. All of the photos I have sent to friends and family all get the same response…It’s still SO long!!! Did you not cut anything off?? And then I send the below photo… And then I get the Holy shit, I didn’t realize your hair was so long! Indeed it was… For the past 10 years! haha!


Hair Back

A little bit about Bella Salon – Quite a few of my friends already go here but if you are in need of a new do and want to try a new salon, check them out and ask for Tiffany! She was an absolutely PRO and she has been the only one I have trusted with my hair since I have been in Austin.  Not only are they under new ownership, the entire place has gone under a complete remodel. I was blown away when I walked in!! They even have a new logo AND are now open 7 days a week!! What more could you ask for! LOVE THEM!


Hair cut


And now the picture that says it ALL! Tiffany is beyond excited and my face is just priceless… What the hell have I done…



Hair cut1

{A Day at the Museum}

Who’s ready for Fall?? I know this Texas girl is!! I don’t know how much longer I can take 100+ degree weather with 50%+ humidity everyday! For all of you who aren’t from Texas, it’s like you’re walking into a sauna everyday! And it’s nearly impossible to dress cute. SO, I have started slowly transitioning into more Fall appropriate clothing. Yet, in this case, I was sweating my ass off within 5 minutes of being outside. Wishful thinking at it’s best!

On another note, this dress is amazing and outrageously comfortable! It is so easy to just throw on a leather jacket or blazer if you get chilly and the faux turtleneck makes this dress so comfy and cozy.  It even has POCKETS!!!!


Outfit Details:

Dress – Free People // Shoes – Target

Handbag – Chanel (Similar and a fraction of the price HERE)

Watch – Chanel J12 // Sunglasses – Gucci

Leather Jacket – Trouve