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{Best Deals on Little Black Dresses Under $100}

DTKAustin is talking about the best little black dress from WAYF that is currently on sale at Nordstrom for under $50. Click for more details and photos.

Who thinks you can only wear little black dresses during the cooler weather? No way!! If you know me you know that I live in black, white and 100 shades of grey no matter what the weather. I also always love investing in pieces that can transition into multiple seasons so I know I’m getting my money’s worth. Investing in clothing is something that I really don’t like doing so this post is ALL about affordable LBDs. Plus, my favorite WAYF lace-up that I feature in this post is on sale for literally $50. If you love a great fitting LBD with gorgeous details I would highly recommend checking out this dress and it won’t break the bank!

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{How to Easily Shop my Instagram Posts}

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, spot something that you just have to have and wonder, where can I get that?? In the past, we would have to read through comments or stalk someone’s blog until we found out where that item came from. This is beyond time consuming and half the time the item is already sold out. I feel like having to hunt down items is such a turn off when people are wanting to use influencers as a shopping tool. I wanted to create a quick guide for a few ways to easily shop my Instagram posts.

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{The Best of the Best Cozy Sweaters}

DTKAustin shares her favorite casual Winter look. Ashley is wearing a Chicwish sweater, Express jeans, Gucci Marmont Bag and OTK Boots. Click for more outfit details!

Sweater weather is coming to an end here in Austin, but that doesn’t mean its the end of my sweater wearing! Mega hot temps won’t be here for months so I always love to throw on a slouchy sweater, bralette, shorts and a cute pair of booties when its a little chillier. Most people are still in full on winter-wear mode so this post also applies to all of y’all!! I’ve rounded up my favorite sweaters that are ALL under $100 and are neutral enough that they will go with any color jeans, skirts, tights, etc. you want to wear!

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{Summer Essentials with Chicwish}

DTKAustin shows us how to wear the highly coveted off-the-shoulder trend with Chicwish, cutoff shorts and wedges from Stuart Weitzman. Want more summer inspiration? Click to get more details!

How is it already mid February and why does it already feel like summer in Texas?? I honestly don’t think we had more than a month of winter-like temps the entire Fall/Winter season. How can I complain though… Any opportunity to enjoy 75 degree weather is ok in my book! That means I need to step up my Spring wardrobe already and I’m not even close to being ready! I did recently score this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top from Chicwish and it has been my first, real Spring purchase! And I am SO excited about it!! Just look at that detail!

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{Target Collaborates with BaubleBar to Bring you SUGARFIX}

Another amazing Target collaboration has hit stores! BaubleBar and Target have teamed up to bring you their very own SugarFix Collection. This new collection is currently being sold exclusively at Target and is being deemed as a long-term collaboration instead of a one-time deal. To me, that’s music to my ears! BaubleBar has and always will be one of my favorite jewelry companies on the market. Not only are their pieces affordable but they are great quality for costume jewelry and they have a massive selection for any occasion. So when I heard they were partnering with Target on the SugarFix collection I was extremely overjoyed!

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{Size Comparison of the Gucci Marmont Mini & Small Crossbody}

DTKAustin shares the size comparison for the Gucci Mini and Small Marmont Crossbody. If you're in the market for a new Gucci bag click here for more information!

Who else agrees that 2016 was the year for Gucci?? They are KILLING the fashion industry right now. First, it was the who’s who of blogging sporting the new GG belts, then the new leather cross-bodies and now almost every single person I follow is sporting something Gucci whether it is a bag, belt, flats or all of the above. I wasn’t going to be that blogger that was going to succumb to being like everyone else, but I literally can’t stop obsessing over EVERYTHING Gucci right now. I literally want it all. If I was mega rich, I would totally have it all! But until then I will stick to my most coveted piece from the collection; the Gucci GG Marmont.

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{10 Booties under $100 to Take You Into Spring}

DTKAustin shows the 10 best booties under $100. If you're curious about how to layer a cami and cardigan for winter click for more info!

Warmer weather is upon most of us… even though it’s already made its way to Austin and I am MORE than ready to start transitioning my wardrobe to Spring. One of my favorite warmer weather transitional looks is when the weather is nice enough to throw on a pair of booties and shorts with a cami layered under a cardigan. It’s literally a fool proof way to layer and look chic yet staying the perfect temp! Even if you’re not a shorts kinda gal, throw on a pair of jeans like I’ve shown in this blog post. The cami + cardi layered look has been one of the most popular of the season and I really don’t see it going anywhere, even into summer. Maybe it won’t be full on wool or cashmere cardigans but layering bralettes under tank tops will still be all the rage!

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{Splurge or Steal – Valentine’s Outfit Ideas}

DTKAustin shows you splurge or steal options for Valentine's Day because who wants to break the bank. Need outfit ideas? Click for more.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and no one wants to break the bank with an outfit they might only wear a handful of times. In my latest Austin Woman Magazine column I focused on 2 identical looks, one expensive and one affordable for those who like a real steal! These Splurge or Steals have been my favorite out of all of the Ask Ashley’s I have written for this magazine over the past 4 years. I literally take so much pride in finding completely identical looks; one being on the higher end and one lower. I want readers to look at the side-by-sides and not even be able to tell the difference!

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{What to Wear for Valentine’s Day – Outfit Ideas for Everyone}

DTKAustin shares what to wear for Valentine's Day. Whether you want red, lace or something classic check out these Valentine's day outfit options.

Is anyone else blown away that January is almost over… This year is literally going to be over in the blink of an eye and I can’t say that I’m pleased! 🙁 Now that Valentine’s is upon us, it’s time to start planning for that perfect date night look or the perfect look for staying in! Let’s start out with the obvious… Did anyone notice anything different with this post?? Could it be that I am wearing RED?! Now, more importantly, who else is still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit? If that person would be you then keep reading! Continue Reading

{How to Layer on a Budget with Nordstrom}

DTKAustin shows how to layer a cami with a knit cardigan and OTK boots for a cozy winter look. Click through for more outfit ideas!

Anyone who lives in the south knows that layering is a must when “winter” hits. How are we supposed to dress cute when the high is going to be in the 80s all week with a low in the 40s?? Even for me, it is a daily struggle trying to figure out what exactly to wear when our weather is all over the place. I’ve partnered with Nordstrom today to show you all how we can easily look stylish and put together when the weather is all over the place!

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